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Tiny Tot Art

Ben started a new program at the library!  We have been going to Baby Goose since Ben was three months old.  The ages for that program are three to eighteen months, so we are pretty much at the end of the road for that program.  We have loved Baby Goose.  It has been fun to spend time playing, singing, and reading together.  We have enjoyed meeting other moms and babies.  It taught me a ton of songs and little chants and games to play with Ben.  When Ben was just a tiny little guy, Baby Goose made me feel like I was doing something good for Ben beyond just meeting his physical needs.  It was one of the first things I ventured out to do on my own with Ben.  It was just a 20 minute library program where Ben sat in my lap and we sang and read books, but it helped me build confidence that I could be Ben’s mom.  I could handle going out with him and even manage to show him some fun.  There are so many moments for every mother where you feel like you have no idea what you are doing.  But during those first few months, that time at Baby Goose made me feel like I was doing something right for Ben, and that helped so much.  I know I am going to miss Baby Goose, and Pat has laughed at me for being teary over this first activity Ben has aged out of.  It’s a milestone for Ben and his mommy.

But Ben is old enough to try something new.  Tiny tot art started this week.  We could still go to Baby Goose a little longer, but I thought Ben might enjoy something new.  And I think he did!  The class is a lot of fun.  First, we read a book.  Then we do a project, and end the class up with dancing.  Needless to say Ben enjoyed the dance part.  The vibe of this class is definitely different than Baby Goose.  At Goose the kids can roam as they want, play with various toys, and participate as little as they want.  In art class they are expected to pay a little more attention to what is going on.  There is an organized activity to participate in.  I think this will be good for Ben and me.  I know Ben is still very young, but it is good for him to get used to sharing and taking turns with other kids.  He doesn’t have that many interactions with other children, and practicing these skills will be good.  Plus it will expose him to more art projects to see what he likes.

I think Ben enjoyed the class.  He did not enjoy wearing a name tag, but I know he’ll get used to it.  He wasn’t super into the project this week.  We made fluffy sheep with cotton balls.  But he did enjoy spending time with the other kids.  He loved the dancing at the end.  The first time Ben does new things it can be hard to tell if he is enjoying himself.  He just watches everything so hard, but I know he was liking it.  I love doing art projects, so I am excited to start doing some with Ben.  (Especially ones that other people get to set up for me and then help clean up.  Score for library programs!)  I’m going to miss Baby Goose and what it represented for Ben and me, but I am really looking forward to all the new experiences we will have ahead of us.

He looks like such a big boy sitting at the table!
Making some art
Finished product!

As you can see there are only about 6 cotton balls on the sheep.  Ben was more interested in touching the supplies and seeing what everyone else was up to than gluing on the cotton.  And that is okay.  He had a great time, and we are looking forward to next week!


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