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Homeplate for the Holidays

We found a new winter fest to attend here in our new town!  We miss Christmas Walk in our old town, but this new event was pretty fun too.  And it had snow!  Snow on a seventy degree day?  Nice!

The guys.  Ben loved the giant tree.


Ben loves to take a minute to sit and look at the field.


My ladies!  Ali (R) and Sammy (L) loved the tree too!

It was an evening event, but we have found it pays to get to this sort of thing right when it starts at five.  We get more fun in before the kids get too tired, and we get a better parking spot.  The first thing we went to was the snow.  It is of course expected that after living with snow for three winters and hating it (or being too little to enjoy it), Ben finally liked the snow now that we live somewhere they have to make it.  But better late than never.  He was into it!  Fortunately for him he still has enough of his midwestern blood that he wasn’t cold in it.  Pat and I did have to laugh a bit at the people walking around in scarfs and big winter coats.  We were still in t-shirts!  I know in a year it might be totally different, but for now we enjoyed feeling tough.  Ben did use mittens in the snow.  And I think next time I would put boots on him.  He was fine, but it never hurts to keep your feet warm and dry.



He loved it!!


Yay snow!!

The snow was right next to the stage where local dance troops were performing.  Sammy and Ali were hypnotized!  They were smiling and laughing watching the dancers.  It was so sweet.  Ben adored playing in the snow.  I was a little bummed it was for kids only, I know Pat and I would have had a blast playing in the snow with him.  I did like that they had a little kid section and a big kid section.  I don’t want to be mean to big kids, but the snow got slippery fast, and they could and did all fall and bump into each other.  The big kids wouldn’t mean it, but they could hurt the little guys.  Ben has learned some basic snow etiquette, and we tried to make sure he was a good snow friend.

These cuties loved watching the dancers.

After we were done with the snow Ben wanted to check out the bounce houses.  He adored bouncing around and running around the little ones bounce obstacle course.  After he had bounced to his hearts content, we visited the booths.  Ben got some candy and he and Pat each got balloon swords.  You can bet there were a number of sword fights around here.  Well, until Pat’s balloon popped mid battle.  Ben was the winner! 😉



En garde!


There were many battles
It did get chilly enough for the girls to wear their hoodies.  Sammy didn’t seem to mind…


… Ali did not like it.  At first.  She came around.


Nevermind, I’m okay!

Before we left Santa arrived!  We got a wrist band to get in line to see Santa, but Ben wasn’t interested.  Honestly we didn’t mind, even with the band the line was really long and the girls were getting a bit tired by the end.  We enjoyed the arrival, complete with fireworks!  Ali and Sammy enjoyed them, and Ben was hypnotized.  After the fireworks we were all ready to head home.  A fun filled holiday night with everyone in bed on time?  Perfect.

We had the best time!!


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Merry Christmas!
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