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More Labor Day Fun

We managed to do more with the family than just sit around and talk.  Although that is really what we had the most fun doing.  It’s hard to find activities for a group of people including a bunch of adults, an almost thirteen year old, and a one year old.  Pat and I decided to take the crew to indoor golf for an afternoon of fun.  If you’ve never been indoor golfing, I recommend it.  Basically, there is a giant screen that shows the course, and you hit your ball into it.  Sensors measure it and let you know how far you’ve gone.  The place we go is really nice for a family outing.  Each booth with a screen has a little living room setup in front of it.  It is easy to take turns golfing and relaxing with your friends.  Plus in the summer it isn’t very crowded.  This meant that Ben could crawl around and play without getting in the way.  It is easy to share clubs, as everyone is in one place.  The only real drawback is no golf carts.  I think half the fun of the game is riding in the cart.

Everyone thought indoor golfing would be fun.  It sounds pretty easy, right?  Like a big Wii game or something.  Or something is more like it.  We were all pretty terrible.  I take that back.  Pat was decent, but he is good at video games.  Kit and Ellen never really golf, and Wayne hasn’t in years.  I had no excuse.  I had actually golfed in real life back in June!  But for some reason, those abilities do not translate to video golf.  Yes, I was terrible!!!  I won’t even say how bad it was.  After the first hole of everyone getting a feel for how it all worked, the gentleman who runs the place took pity on us and put it into scramble mode.  That helped a bit.  Not a ton though.  I won’t get into too much detail, but let’s just say it took us over 2 hours to play 3 holes.  Yes, it was that bad.  At least we had a lot of fun.
After the golf experience, we met up with Meo and Omi who had their own golf tournament that day.  Their neighborhood does an outing every year.  Despite their foursome coming in last place, I think they did better than our group did.  It was fun to meet up and have dinner with them while discussing our different golf experiences.  I think the best part of it was Ben though.  I didn’t think about discussing our plans with him, and just told him we were going to dinner.  I forgot to mention we would be seeing Meo and Omi. Oh my goodness, the giant smile on his face when we saw them.  He just lit up!!  I love seeing how excited he is to see the people he loves.  He was wonderful while we were out too.  It was getting quite late, (almost 8 pm!) but he was a trooper!  He tried to fall asleep in his bucket seat, but it just wasn’t working for him.  Pat and I had to head home, but he didn’t really fuss at all!  Go Ben!

Ben knows how to relax
Kit and Ellen
Peek a boo with Daddy!
Ellen golfing
Ben and Aunt Chris at golf
Omi with the ‘prize’ from their golf outing
Ben so excited to see Meo!
Omi playing with Ben
The crew at dinner!
We had such a great visit with everyone.  Thanks for coming to see us!!

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