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Busy Boy

Ben loves crawling around.  In fact, he has been getting faster and busier every day.  Last night, after he took a bath, he decided to explore.  Normally after a bath, we put a diaper on him right away,  then Pat takes Ben to put on pajamas.  This time Pat was tutoring, so I diapered Ben, then wrapped him in his towel to sit a moment while I emptied his tub and tidied up the bathroom a bit.  Well, I left the bathroom door open and off Ben went.

My favorite part is that normally, Ben doesn’t like things being on his head.  He takes off hats, and he quickly removes anything else placed on him to play peek-a-boo.  This time he was so interested in crawling around he couldn’t be bothered to get the towel off.  He just giggled and crawled around.  I, of course, grabbed a camera to take some pictures.  It was hard to get good ones since he was moving so much.  But here is what I got to chase around.
I hope these pictures don’t embarrass Ben too much when he is older, but they are just so cute!  And he does have a diaper on under that towel, so everything is appropriate.  I want to remember these precious moments forever.
First realizing he can make a break for it.
He’s off!
He’s getting away!
“Oh, hi Mommy.  What’s up?”
He thought this was an amazing game.  Looks like we have a lot of chasing in our future.:)  I love my busy little boy.

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