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How a Simple Morning Meeting Creates a Successful Day

How a morning family meeting can set a positive tone for the day.

‘Mommy! It’s time for our meeting!’

I love hearing my 4-year-old say those words.  It shows me that he values our special time together as much as I do.

Like all moms, I am busy.  I am outnumbered during the day and there is just a lot to get done!  But I want to make sure to have special moments with each child, so I need a way to get that face time in.  Enter the morning family meeting.

The best way to make sure I get one on one time with my children is to prioritize and make it something we do first thing every day.  There are so many benefits to this morning meeting, the best of which is getting to start the day with my kids on a positive note.

Here is how to create a morning family meeting routine to start your children’s day off right.

How a simple morning meeting creates a successful day. Start your day off right with your children by connecting first thing. #positive #parenting #behavior #preschool #toddler #kids #family #meeting

Why a Morning Family Meeting?

We do our meeting first thing in the morning.  As in the kids don’t leave their room before we have had our meeting.  By doing it first thing I know that we get this time every day, no excuses.

My kids are also really happy when they wake up in the morning, and really excited to see me.  It puts a smile on all of our faces to be together and hug.  Finally, this morning meeting sets the tone for our day.  We start off on a positive note of love.

Morning Meeting Components

Our morning meetings don’t take very long.  We can get it done in just a few minutes if we need to or we can linger over some snuggles.  However long it goes, I always hit the same main points.  I lead the first part of the meeting, then I turn it over to my kids.

How a morning meeting with your child will start your day off right. Encourage positive behavior, review your schedule, and really connect with your child every day. Easy positive parenting. #positive #parenting #family #meeting #preschool #toddler #behavior

Mommy-Led Parts

Remember Our Behavior Standards

I always review our overall behavior standards.  Yeah, that sounds a bit harsh to start the day off with the rules.  But it is important for kids to learn that how they behave matters.

So I like to start the day with a reminder of what our mindset should be, and that I haven’t lowered my expectations at all.  For us, this means we say our behavior mantra: listening ears, gentle hands, obedient feet.  Fast and simple, but very effective.

Review Anything We Are Working On

There is usually some sort of attitude or behavioral matter we are working on.  My kids are good kids, but they are still kids.  So after we mention our all the time expectations we hit the areas of trouble.

Sometimes this is a reminder to not mess with their siblings or to work on asking for help instead of having a tantrum.  This isn’t a time for a lecture.

Again, it is just a reminder of behaviors we are working on.  I try to phrase it in the most positive way possible, and we don’t dwell on it.  This is the perfect time for an ask and tell method, it gives ownership of behavior to my children.

Schedule for the Day

I like to know what is happening in my day, and I think my kids do too.  I know they are better able to cope with what the day throws at them when they at least have an idea of the events.

So every morning we review the major parts of the day.  Is it a school day? A speech day?  Are we going to a library program?  Whatever is happening I let my kids know.

Yes, even if it is a lazy day.  I like for us all to start on the same page and know what we have to look forward to.

Set a positive tone for the day with a morning family meeting. Connect with your child first thing to encourage good behavior and start the day with love. #parenting #positive #preschool #toddler #kid #behavior #family

Child-Led Part

After I have gone over all my parts of the morning meeting, I turn it over to my kiddos.  Well, at this point I turn it over to Ben.  (Ali and Sammy are still a bit young for this part, being only 2.) He gets the chance to talk.

Usually, he tells me about his dreams and then wants to run out to breakfast.  Sometimes he brings up something from school or tells me about a toy he is into.  Typical things that are important to 4-year-olds.  It doesn’t matter what he wants to talk about.

The important part is to really actively listen.  Whatever he wants to say, he has all my attention in those moments.

Toddler Meetings

This is the way my meetings with my 4-year-old go.  We’ve been doing them for a long time now and he knows and likes the routine.  Ali and Sammy are young toddlers.  I still meet with them, but understandably they are a bit shorter.

All the mommy-led components are present.  I review rules, remind them we don’t have tantrums.  (I can try, right? 😉 )I tell them what they are doing that day.  The big change is that they aren’t really verbal enough to lead a part of the conversation.

So I make sure to look each girl in the eye, tell her I love her, and that we are going to have a good day.  Those moments of eye contact are so important, especially with twins.  It lets them know that they are really being seen.

Connect with your kids every morning and start your day right. How a morning family meeting creates successful habits. #parenting #positive #toddler #preschooler #behavior #meeting #family

How morning family meetings help your reach your child's heart. Really connect with your child every day no matter how busy you are. Here is a simple routine to start a successful day. #positive #parenting #toddler #preschooler #behavior #family #meeting

Good Mornings, Good Days

This morning routine has served us so well.  My children remember the expectations I always have for them, we hit any areas that need extra attention, and we review our schedule for the day.  Clear expectations help encourage good behavior.

Most importantly, my children get the chance to have my full attention right away.  I want them to know that they are important, their feelings matter, and their thoughts and ideas deserve to be heard.  We start our days connected and on the same team.

I am a planner, but with three kids ages 4 and under, you never really know what a day is going to bring.  But with this morning meeting I know I am focusing on my children’s heart, at least for a few minutes every day.  I see them as individuals, as people with valid thoughts and feelings, and as the loves I treasure so much.




How to really connect with your child in minutes every day. We are all busy moms. Taking a few minutes every day to really see your child and parent to their heart helps prioritize your bond. #positiveparenting #parenttotheheart #gentleparenting #bonding #toddler #preschooler #child #kid #parenting #discipline

Mom with child with text overlay how to stop tantrums before they start with this one daily trick.
Positive Parenting: How to start your child's day off on the right foot. Spend a few minutes really connecting with your child every morning and see how their behavior improves! #positiveparenting #familymeeting #family #child #heart #connect #behavior #discipline

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Thursday 16th of May 2019

I've done this since my 2 were babies, but didn't think of it as a "meeting" until now - great word for it! They're they're not quite 3 yet, so I find myself repeating the day's plan a gazillion times throughout the day, but I have hopes that eventually they'll remember at least some of it. It seems like your 4yr old does, so my husband's wrong: I'm not crazy (not yet anyway). He thinks it's too much info for the boys, and too much talking. But in the last few weeks several people (one a teacher) have told us they have surprising verbal skills for their there! Morning "meetings" will continue. Thanks for this post. It has boosted my confidence!


Thursday 16th of May 2019

I'm so happy to hear morning meetings work for other moms too! I have to repeat things a lot for the girls too, but that's okay. I do think they are getting it. And I know my 5 year old loves the meetings. Keep it up!


Saturday 22nd of September 2018

Thank you for this. I was perusing google/pinterest as I ritually do, when my boys go to sleep, hoping to find tips and ways to better myself as a mama and solve the issues I'm currently facing in parenting. Rarely do I read a post in its entirety. I not only read your article, but I clicked on all of the links routing me to other posts explaining what you meant in detail. I loved your behavioral mantra. I loved the idea of morning one on one meetings. Thank you for taking the time to explain and write out what you have learned to help other mamas grow, as well as help their children feel heard, valued and loved.


Saturday 22nd of September 2018

Thank you so much. I really appreciate hearing that this has helped people.


Monday 2nd of July 2018

Wow. You are an amazing mom. I am going to start doing this ASAP. I know my 4 year old would love this. I've been struggling to give him the attention he needs. You know the three kid struggle, haha.


Monday 2nd of July 2018

I love this idea!! I'm going to start doing this tomorrow morning. It's a great way to start the day especially during the summer with my older kids home!


Monday 2nd of July 2018

We have a calendar routine in place where I state the date, & what we are going to do for the day. This would be so easy to implement & I love your mantra! Great read!


Monday 2nd of July 2018

Thank you! I love having a calendar that the kids can see every day. We had one but Ali and Sammy kept trying to eat the magnets. :P They are older now so it might be time to bring it back out! Thanks for the reminder!!

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