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Play time!

These kids just slay me.  Ben is just exploding with imaginative play right now.  He loves to play dress up and is starting to want to act out scenes together.  Recently he has been into being a pirate.  Fortunately we have an awesome pirate ship for him.  Who knew laundry baskets had so many uses?
Pirate Ben!
Daddy’s t shirt made an excellent sail.
Of course the girls like the baskets too.  
Tiny Steelers fans! (Sammy white, Ali yellow)
Ali and Sammy can be such a hoot when they play together.  They climb all over each other.  They are constantly stealing toys from each other.  This means there are often yells of indignant baby rage, followed by giggles, followed by tears, followed by giggles.  Overall they seem to enjoy one another.  They are busy and get into everything every chance they can get. 
It’s so funny when your sister tackles you.
Playing hard!
Sammy left, Ali right
Someone always ends up with a foot in the ear. 
Sammy (L) Ali (R)

 And some times all three of them play together.  Ben loves when they climb all over him, and the girls adore when Ben plays with them.

My three loves!!!

These three certainly keep me busy, but it is so worth it.


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