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6 Positives to Potty Training Late

6 positives to potty training late.

Anyone else feel the pressure to potty train early? 

I know when my son was nearing two I felt like I should really get him potty trained soon.  The thing is, he was just not ready.  We introduced the potty several ways but he just had zero interest and I didn’t want to force it.  

Then we had the girls, and there was no way I was potty training with two newborns.  Finally, we reached a point where I thought Ben might be ready and we up and moved across the country.  

So I found myself with a three-year-old who was not potty trained.  I can tell you it is easy to be a bit embarrassed when your older toddler isn’t potty trained yet.  But why?  

Who says a toddler has to be potty trained by age two or earlier?

Don't feel the bad for not potty training early! There are a lot of benefits to waiting. Here are 6 big benefits to potty training late. #potty #training #toddler #parenting
Potty training late doesn't have to be a bad thing. In fact it can be helpful. Here are 6 positives to late potty training.

I’m not saying there aren’t some drawbacks to potty training late.  And I know that sometimes life events mean you have to go for potty training (preschool, daycare, diaper costs, etc).  The opposite is true too though, sometimes life happens and we have to wait.  Every child is different, and there is no reason to feel bad because your child didn’t potty train early.  Here are some positive parts of late potty training.

Benefits of Potty Training Late

1) Your child is in diapers longer.

kay, I know the goal is to get out of diapers.  But come on, having to find bathrooms everywhere you go for tiny bladders can be annoying.  I know when the girls were brand new just getting us all out of the house was a challenge.  I didn’t want to have to add in one more thing to worry about.  So I suppose this plus is you can be lazy longer. 😉

2) Older children often will be better at communicating his or her needs.

This, of course, is highly variable from child to child.  My son wasn’t a huge talker until he was over two and a half.  At two years old he didn’t really have to words to tell me what was going on with his body.  He also didn’t have the words to let me know he understood what I was telling him.  Now at age three I know he understands what I am saying and he is able to communicate clearly back to me.

3) Your child has an easier time pulling off their clothes and putting them back on.

Sitting on the potty isn’t the only part for kids to learn when they potty train.  By training later the child often has an easier time getting their clothing on and off in order to use a potty.  The goal is, after all, to have the child use the bathroom without help.

4) Your child is more aware of what is happening with their bodies.

An older child knows when their diaper is dirty, and this usually means they know how it got that way.  Waiting until a child tells you he or she needs a new diaper means you don’t have to try to explain to them the mechanics of how their bodies eliminate waste.  They already know what is happening and probably don’t like how it feels, which helps motivate them to use the potty.

5) Your child is often able to control their bodies longer.

Starting at a later age means you might be able to skip the step of sitting on the potty every twenty minutes.  This is very nice when you have other kids that need attention too.  It also means we could move towards getting out of the house sooner since we could go an hour or ninety minutes between potty uses.

6) You have a longer lead in to potty training.

Just because we didn’t potty train early doesn’t mean we weren’t slowly working towards that goal.  We read the books with Ben, we practiced sitting on his little potty, and we talked to him about what was happening in the bathroom.  

Waiting meant we didn’t have any fear of what was happening to overcome.  It also meant we could build excitement for it.  We were able to lay out all the good things that go along with using the potty (getting to flush, wearing big kid underpants, etc).  This helped Ben be happy to start training which made starting much easier.

Potty Training Readiness Is Key

I think the most important thing in potty training is determining when your child is ready.  If that is early, awesome.  But for some children, it is a little later.  And you know what?  That’s okay.  Potty training is stressful enough.  If your child isn’t ready (and you don’t have outside factors forcing you to train), there is no reason to be ashamed of waiting a bit.


Benefits of Delayed Potty Training

Why You Should Wait to Potty Train (You'll Be Happy You Did? and picture of a toddler on a training potty
Forget the pressure to potty train early. There are many benefits to waiting until your child is just a little older. Here are 6 positives to late potty training. #potty #training #toddler #parenting

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Why you should potty train late.  Late potty training can take a lot of the stress out of this milestone.  Here is why. #pottytrain #latepottytrain #toddler #milestone #development.

Benefits of late potty training

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Sierrah | Another Mommy Blogger

Friday 15th of November 2019

Very interesting post. There definitely is a pressure to potty train early but it usually comes from people who need to mind their own business. For my family it was more of a financial decision to cut the cost of diapers and pull-ups. I agree it’s all about timing though. If your child isn’t ready then you’re in for a roller coaster ride that isn’t worth the trouble.


Friday 15th of November 2019

I absolutely agree! Every family needs to do what is best for them. The financial comes into play too.

Potty Training Tips: 15 Moms Share Their Secrets - Healthy Happy Thrifty Family

Sunday 11th of June 2017

[…] From Kimberly of Team Cartwright “I think there is a lot of pressure to train early. There is nothing wrong with that, but there are benefits to training a little later. And it’s okay if your child either isn’t ready to train or if life throws things at you making training the last thing you want to do.” Read her full post 6 Positives to Late Potty Training […]

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