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Ten months!

Ali and Sammy are ten months old!!! Okay, yes, this post is a couple of days late.  Gramma and Grampa are in town and while I remembered to take pictures, I forgot to get the post up!  But these sweet girls are ten months old now!  Wow, we are closing in on the big one really quickly.  I can’t believe another month went by so fast!
Of course every time I try to do this now the sign is harder and harder to get in the pictures.  They are just too interested in playing with.  And eating it, to be honest. Silly girls. 😛  But here are some of my faves from this month:
My sweet babies!!!
Only picture with an intact sign…

This time Ben actually wanted to get in on the pictures with his sisters!  Both at the same time!  Of course I let him hop right in there.  And yes, he is rocking his Halloween Mickey jammies.  Gramma and Grampa got him new ones this year, and we use those bad boys year round.

Sammy, Ben, and Ali!

One last one.  It isn’t the best picture.  Sammy is trying to scoot down the couch.  I’m pretty certain Ali is trying to crawl away, hence the arm on the side holding her in place.  But Ben is wanting to be there and putting his arm around his sisters.  So sweet!

My sweet loves

I love these girls so very much.  They keep us busy with their antics, but I can’t imagine how we lived without them.  We love you, Ali and Sammy!


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