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Shooting hoops!

A couple of weeks ago Ben and I were out for a walk.  We sometime go to the school across the street to play on the playground there.  This particular day, we got lucky and found a couple of balls left out.  I decided it was a good time to teach Ben how to play basketball.  I actually played basketball for several years when I was younger, even making the high school team for a bit.  Granted all that really means is I do actually understand the basic rules and skills needed to play the game.  It by no means implies that I am good at it, or still have those skills.  I like I think I can teach Ben a thing or to about it though.
Since he is new to the game, and the ball almost comes up to his waist, I decided to go right to shooting.  I know ball handling is important, and defense wins games.  But scoring is fun.  The first hoop we tried might have been a bit too high for Ben though…
Slight height difference between Ben and the basket…

Ben gave the ball a good heave to get it up there, but it didn’t quite make it.  I thought about holding him up to dunk, but then realized I’m not that tall either.  Fortunately the school has a couple of smaller hoops as well as the full size ones.

I think Ben still needs a couple of inches to really get into the game.  He had a lot of fun throwing the ball and chasing it around.  I have to say I love this age Ben is at.  He clapped for me any time I made a basket.  He really knows how to make his mom feel good about her athletic abilities (especially with the belly right now!).

He’s still so tiny compared to the hoop!

Ben had fun chasing the ball around.  I had fun pretending to be an awesome basketball star.  (I mean, how fun is it to have a short hoop?  I feel like a rock star when I play)  I hope Ben gets enjoyment out of sports when he is older.  He doesn’t have to be the best or super competitive, but the joy of the game is something I know Pat and I hope to pass on.  Of course if he doesn’t that is fine too.  Until then I am going to enjoy letting him think I have skills well beyond what I actually do.  😉


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