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General silliness

While I miss the times when Ben would sit still for me to take pictures of him, I do enjoy the random fun action shots I can get now that he is a busy toddler.  Here are a few of the fun shots I’ve grabbed in the past week or so.
We had some cooler days, meaning we had to switch the awesome hoodie for a regular coat.  Ben was a little less than thrilled with this.  What helped?  The amazing monkey hat.  Here he is running through the office, happy as can be to be wearing his monkey hat.
Omi has been cleaning out some stuff from the storage room at the office.  He managed to unearth a little toy called a tonette.  Yep, it’s basically a slightly smaller, worse sounding recorder.  (Do they still make kids play those in elementary school?)  Ben loves it.  Fortunately he can’t make a ton of sounds on it yet, and he does have a short attention span for it.  I think it will stay an office toy.  Unless somehow it mysteriously ends up at Meo and Omi’s house…  I have gotten a few personal serenades since Ben got it.

Oh, the rough life of a two year old.  Every morning I am sure Ben would rather be playing downstairs with his toys, or watching tv, or really doing anything other than wait while I finish getting ready.  But being two, well, there is no way I’m leaving him alone for very long.  Lucky for me Ben has many ways of amusing himself.  This one happens more often than you would think.  Why not put a laundry basket on your head?  He thinks it is hilarious every time.  I have to say it makes getting ready for work a bit more fun.

I never know what sort of silliness will happen yet.  But I’m glad I get to be there to see it.  And I am also thankful for camera phones that let me capture this stuff.

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