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Six month update

The girls are six months old!  I am so excited that they are moving into solids and the fun stages of later babyhood, but I am sad to say goodbye to five months.  With Ben, and with Ali and Sammy, five months is a bit of a golden time for me.  We are past the fourth month, which is one I have a hard time with.  The schedule is set and going well.  The kids nap pretty well and eat consistently.  I like that I can nurse and not worry about solids yet.  And my babies at least are in the “I’m just happy to be here” phase in which they are happy observing everything around them.  Five months just rocks in my mind.  Six months is pretty good too.  Half a year has gone by, and I am happy to say it has been a great six months.

My big six month old girls!!! (Ali left, Sammy right)

Ali and Sammy are growing and developing so well.  They have great head control, babble constantly, and make razzing sounds.  (Razzing sounds are one of Ali’s favorite things to do.)  They turn towards voices and adore the sound of their names.  I’m not sure if that is a twin thing, a second child thing, or what.  But I don’t remember Ben being as thrilled to hear his own name.  I suppose with the bustle of three kids knowing that you specifically are being talked to is fun.  Both girls adore their toys and do object if you try to take them away.  The often play tug of war with the lovies.  It isn’t uncommon to find one girl has all the toys around them and the other has none.  Who has the toys changes, and both girls seem to think that is a fun game.  Every time I see it happen they are both smiling like they are in on some great joke.  Both girls can pass objects from one hand to the other, and to each other actually.  I think some of those are just coincidence though.  They look for objects and work to grab them.  We are officially in the stage where they don’t exactly stay in place on the floor anymore because they wiggle so much.  I am happy to report still no crawling or standing.  🙂  Yay for giving me more time before they are on the go!

Ali has rolled from back to belly.  She doesn’t do it very often, I think because she realized she ends up on her belly.  She has done it several times though.  Sammy only recently expressed interest in rolling that way.  She is currently doing the turn almost all the way over before turning back thing.  Neither girl is super keen on tummy time, they roll to their backs almost instantly when I try.  Sammy is starting to find her feet more, which I adore.  It is so cute!!  Both girls do really well sitting up in their chairs.  They love the activity chairs and bumbo.  We have started with the jumper, but they only last a few minutes in it right now.  I do think they might like it more if I actually remembered to change the batteries in it, but second kid problems, right?  It took Ben some time to really warm up to the jumper too.

The girls’ personalities are really starting to come out.  Ali is a bit more of an extrovert.  She is quick to smile at others.  Sammy is a little more reserved.  She seems to be slightly faster to get upset too.  Both girls are quick to smile once they know you and have the best giggles.  Sammy finds a lot of words to be just hilarious, while Ali laughs more at physical things we do.  Sammy’s current favorite word is precipice.  Random, I know.  It was on tv and Sammy just started cracking up.  She laughs so hard every time we say it.  Ali loves when I put my head on her and call her a pillow.  Silly, I know, but she thinks it is funny every time.  Both girls love to laugh and just eat up attention.  They are so happy to have people look at them and talk to them.  I could spend hours with the three of us just smiling at each other.

No big schedule changes this month.  Things are moving along very nicely.  Naps are solid, nighttime sleep is going well, and they are eating like champs.  They are very flexible babies, which is so helpful.  They don’t sleep on the go quite as well now that they are older.  But they are able to handle missing morning nap at home so we can get out some mornings.  They catnap in the car and grab little bursts while in the stroller.  I try not to do that to them very often, but Ben has things happening so we have to sometimes.  They wake up happy from naps and in the morning.  This is especially impressive because most of their wake ups come from Ben running in and yelling, “Wake up, Girls!” still.  But I love that Ben is excited to get them up.  I think Ali and Sammy enjoy the excitement too.  They already adore their big brother and love to giggle at his antics.

Getting good pictures of the girls together is getting harder.  They wiggle and mess with each other so much!  Plus Ben was super in to ‘helping’ while I took the pictures this month.  Here are some of my favorites, outtakes included.


Ben was good at sneaking in the pictures.
No playing favorites here- he got in on Sammy’s too.
Brother and sister, hanging out
This boy is the best!
I feel like they can’t figure out what to do with their hands in this one.
Ahh! Ali is tipping!
These kids are the best.  Taking pictures of them is always an adventure.  Of course when I asked Ben to sit with both girls he said no.  But I love that he is jumping in and playing with them more.  I am so blessed to have these three sweet little ones.


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