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Six month schedule

Six month schedule for twins (plus a toddler!)

At six months we are on a great schedule here.  It is really working well for us.  I love the newborn stages for the cuddly tiny babies, but I love this stage for the consistency we get for a few months.  The girls are so much fun right now.  They are really interacting with the world around them and just so happy all the time!  Ben is almost three now (what?!) and just getting more enjoyable.  His imagination is growing, he is joking around with us, and basically lives on goofball island.  Ben, Ali, and Sam get along really well right now.  I am trying to enjoy this as much as possible.  I know once the girls are mobile and getting into Ben’s stuff we won’t have as many peaceful times.  But every stage with all three just gets better!

Here is an average day for the Team Cartwright kids.
7am: Ben up.  He has milk and then we have breakfast together.  This morning quiet time is something that Ben really seems to enjoy.  He needs one on one time and starting the day with it makes sure he gets his moments.
7:30am: We get Ali and Sammy up.  They nurse while Ben keeps working on breakfast.
8am: This time varies slightly.  It is usually play time with everyone.  The girls get their baths on bath days during this time.  If we are going out in the morning everyone gets dressed and we pack up.  Sometimes we do an early morning park outing.  Family fun basically.
9am: Ali and Sammy go up to first nap.  If it is a bath day Ben gets his bath then independent playtime.  Otherwise he gets a little longer to play downstairs with me, then heads up to independent playtime.  While he is in playtime and the girls are napping I have my get ready time.  I can get some little chores done during this time as well.  (Like cleaning the bathroom while Ben takes his bath.  I love time savers like that!) Or I can do some computer work.
10:30am: Ben gets dressed and we read our devotional for the day.  We sing a couple songs and play in his room.
11am: Ben and I get the girls up!  We all head downstairs and the girls nurse.  Then I get the girls dressed if we haven’t already.
11:30am: Lunchtime starts!  Ben and the girls play while I get our lunches together.
12:00pm: Middle of the day is when we often get out and about.  We run errands, go to parks, and visit with Meo and Omi.  Ali and Sammy get catnaps in this time period, or nap in the car on the go.
1:45pm: Girls nurse and Ben gets to watch a show.  I try to make it ‘educational,’ but admit sometimes it is just fun.
2pm: Ali and Sammy up to afternoon nap.  Ben follows by about 2:15.  Then I get my time to do work, clean up, and enjoy some peace and quiet. 😉
4:30pm: Everyone up!  If all three are still asleep I get Ben up first to help me wake up the girls.  If Ali and Sammy are having a hard time I will get them up after 4 and bounce them a bit to help them go back to sleep.  Sometimes only one girl is having a hard time.  I like to take advantage of that to grab ‘sneaky snuggles.’  Whoever is awake and I just cuddle on the couch and get some one on one time.  It’s hard to grab one on one time with twins, so I take what I can get.  That usually only happens once or twice a month.

5pm: Playtime while I get dinner going.  This is when Pat is usually home, and the kids love getting some Daddy time in.

5:45pm: Dinner for the solids eaters.  Pretty soon dinner will get more involved as the girls join us!

6:15pm: Family fun!  Sometimes outside, often just in the living room.  We enjoy each other and play.

6:45pm: Bedtime routine starts!  I get them jammied up and we have our final nursing of the day.  We start nighttime prayers as a family.  When the girls are all done eating we sing to them and put them to sleep for the night.  We move into Ben’s room to finish up his routine with jammies, brushing teeth, recapping the day, and finishing prayers.  We kind of goof around a bit on this one, so the length of time varies.  We try to get him in his bed by 7:30 though.

There you go, a general day in the life of Ben, Ali, and Sammy!  As the girls have gotten older they have gotten a little more flexible.  They can miss morning nap for an event if needed, but not every day.  They are able to flex their nursing times a little bit, which is helpful if we are out and about.  I try to stay pretty true to nap times and bed times.  (I really hate messing with sleep!)

Nap times shouldn’t move too much for the time being.  Meals will start to change a little as we fit in solids for the girls.  I would like to add in a little more guided learning for Ben, but he is doing really well with play based learning, so we will see how that goes.  For now our days work for us, and I love it!


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Trying to figure out nap and feeding times with your twins? Here is a sample schedule for 6-month-old twins (plus their 3 year old brother!) #twins #schedule #babywise #naps #breastfeeding #sample

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Saturday 27th of April 2019

How did you get them to nap like that? My twins are 4 months and are doing20-40 min naps like 3-4 times a day, Iā€™m going nuts


Sunday 28th of April 2019

4 months is a HARD time for sleep, and dealing with it times two is no joke. I have a few posts that can help: How To Deal with Short Naps with Twins and How To Handle the 45 Minute Intruder with Twins.

You will want to look at why your twins are waking. Do they need more wake time? Less? (Yes, it is annoying that needing more sleep makes them wake up.) Personally, I also put my biggest efforts into the anchor naps, which are the main afternoon nap and the first nap of the day. These are the naps that stick around the longest and, in my opinion, are the ones worthy of the most efforts. At 4 months old there are other little naps, I let those go and did what I needed to do. My twins napped in the bouncer, the car, cat napped on the go, whatever. Not worrying as hard about the little naps will help you destress a bit, which is important.

I will say that it can take work to get twins on the same consistent schedule but keep it up. It is worth it. 5 months was a calm time for us, so hopefully it will be for you too!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.