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Thankful Thursday: New Opportunities

This week, I am thankful for opportunities.  
Pat tutors at a local tutoring center.  One evening he ended up working later than normal, so Ben and I stopped by with a sandwich for his dinner.  We had never been there before, so it was nice to see where he worked.  We got the chance to meet his boss and a coworker.  His boss mentioned that they were looking for ACT tutors.  In order to be an ACT tutor you just need career experience and to take the sections of the ACT you would be tutoring.  You don’t need an education background.  Pat’s boss suggested that I apply.  I hadn’t really considered tutoring before.  A large reason was that I didn’t realize I could do so without an education degree.  Well, before I applied Pat and I talked about it.  We decided it would be good for me and our family if I at least tried for the job.  It would give me a new challenge, and hey, a few extra dollars never hurts.  
So I went for it.  And I got the job!!  I am super excited for this new opportunity.  We are going to be a bit busy for awhile.  I have to complete some training.  After that though we are scheduled based on our availability.  That means that Pat and I can be sure to alternate when we work so we can take care of Ben.  We will be a little busier around here, but I think it will be a positive change for our family.  This opportunity is perfect for us.  I am able to work an additional job, but because I came into it through Pat, our boss knows that we have a small child that we are scheduling around, along with my day job.  (I’m not leaving Omi & Associates quite yet.)  Any working parent knows that having a work life balance can be tricky.  But knowing that our boss knew all about our situation before I was even offered the chance to apply takes a little bit of pressure off.  Everything is already on the table.  
I am excited for this new challenge.  I am a little nervous to know I will have more time away from Ben in my future.  (Not too much, but any time is too much!)  I think overall that will be good for both Ben and me though.  I am so thankful that this opportunity came to Team Cartwright.  It is also helping me to remember to be thankful for all the opportunities that I have had and have before me.  I am thankful for the fun new challenges that are ahead of me too!


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