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Food Update

Ben has really changed his preferences in eating over the past couple of months.  When we first started solids, he ate pretty much anything we gave him.  Green beans were no good, and carrots were hit or miss.  Everything else was pretty good.  He actually loved Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cauliflower.  Well, those days are long gone.  One of the perks of baby led weaning is a kid who supposedly likes to eat all foods.  That does not seem to be the case for us.  Ben has taken a turn into the no-vegetable land.

Ben is still a pretty good eater.  He of course throws some food to the floor.  We are working on that, but not throwing food is a tough concept for an almost 11 month old.  I get it, you don’t want to eat it you just chuck it away.  He is too young to think through the consequences of the action.  We of course tell him no sir, no throwing food.  But being so young, I am not always sure he can communicate that he has had enough food, or understand that meal time will end due to misbehavior.  So warnings are about all that happens right now.  Luckily he is pretty good, and we are able to stop a lot of throwing before it happens.  Ben has also learned how to sign all done.  This is a huge help in wrapping up meals.  If he starts throwing a lot of food, we can sign all done and he usually repeats it.  I try not to suggest it too early, as I do want to make sure he is getting enough.  He is getting better at signing more, but it is still a little inconsistent.  Still, it is so wonderful that he can answer back all done!!!

He still enjoys a variety of food.  He has started to like some breads and crackers.  He loves most fruit.  And he adores meat.  Yes, this is our child.  Meat is pretty much his favorite thing right now.  Luckily, while he doesn’t like veges on their own, he will eat them mixed with other items.  I make little meat patties for him using ground turkey and diced vegetables.  His morning egg yolks have vegetables in them.  He also enjoys a chunky pear-apple sauce I make him with cinnamon and, that’s right, vegetables.  I am all about sneaky vegetables.  You can ask Pat, most food I make isn’t what it seems.  There is usually some sort of healthiness tucked in there somewhere.  I have tried making assorted breads, muffins, and even crackers for Ben to get more vegetables into him, but so far he likes the first few bites, then he is done with it.

I am trying not to worry too much about what Ben is eating.  I know he is a baby, so he should be pretty in touch with his needs.  Overall I think he is doing well.  He gets protein, vegetables mixed into other foods at every meal, and healthy dairy.  We don’t serve him anything that could really be considered unhealthy, and he is still nursing.  He should be getting all the nutrients he needs.  I hope I can foster a love of vegetables in him.  That will help kick off a life time of healthy eating.  But I know I need to be prepared for the picky stages it seems every kid goes through.  I try to keep Pat and I eating healthy as well, and wanting Ben to only eat the good stuff is and will help us to be better eaters.

Another area Ben is good about is fruit.  The boy loves fruit.  Well, we haven’t found a melon he likes.  All other fruits are good though.  Apples and pears no longer need to be cooked, yay for me being able to be lazier about that!  It is so much easier to just add an apple to our lunch back than slice and cook them up.  Bananas are still a hit, but I think have been replaced with raisins as the favorite.  Ben adores strawberries.  He still likes peaches and plums.  If he isn’t eating a ton of vegetables, I feel better knowing he is getting a variety of fruits.  He tried a new one tonight, and loved it.  Cherries.  I think they are going to be a bath night only food though.


These are so good!
I love my messy boy!

Super messy.  They are also apparently good when you rub them into your hair.  Or at least Ben seemed happy when he did that.  These have also been added to list of things Ben can’t eat when wearing white or light colored clothing.  Good thing he had red on tonight. 🙂


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