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Soccer Ball Fun

Every day Ben is able to do something new.  He is now army crawling all over the place.  It makes him so happy to be able to get around on his own.  Now he can get to the toys he wants, not just the toys I happen to put next to him.  It does make for some bigger messes, but it is a lot of fun to watch.

Ben has recently taking a liking to a yellow, soft soccer ball we have.  He has played with this toy before; we used it a  lot during the World Cup.  But Ben goes through cycles, like all kids do.  The yellow soccer ball is a favorite once again.  Ben knocks it around, rolls it, tries to eat it.  The usual for babies.  This weekend he knocked it over to me.  I rolled it on back.  He rolled it back to me.  You can see where this is going.  He can finally play this game!!  I was so excited.

We rolled the ball back and forth for several minutes before I grabbed the camera to tape it.  He was laughing and enjoying himself!  It is so funny how something so simple is such a joy when your child is enjoying himself.  I would roll that ball for hours with Ben if he wanted.  Being a baby, he lost interest after a little bit.  But we have been enjoying the game ever since.

Of course I got a few pictures of my little man with his ball.  Uncle J knows this ball well.  I may have acquired it from him in a totally legit way.  I mean, it isn’t stealing from family, right?  😉  Thanks for the ball Uncle J, Ben really loves it.  You can see the video of him playing with it here.

Every day with Ben is more and more fun!!

My little soccer fan.
He’s so cute in his yellow jammies!  Even if he is a little drooly. 🙂
My smiling guy.
I love Ben!


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