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Pat and I normally alternate holidays with the family every year.  I know it isn’t perfect, because it means we don’t see one side at every holiday.  But, well, it’s what we have to do when we both like our families and the two sides live 9 hours apart.  This year was supposed to be an Arkansas Thanksgiving.  Sadly, I was advised not to travel 9 hours away at this point in the pregnancy.  It was frustrating, because really I feel pretty good.  But I did understand the doctor’s point that it was a long drive, some of it through rural locations.  We didn’t want to be stuck in an emergency situation far from home.  Fortunately, Gramma and Grampa made the drive to come see us instead!  Yay!
Ben had a blast.  He adored that Gramma and Grampa where there to play with him.  Of course he had them watch Toy Story and Mickey Mouse with him.  We actually didn’t go out and do much.  The whole point of the visit was to spend time together and enjoy family time.  And we succeeded in that.  We had a blast hanging out with Gramma and Grampa.  Pat and I are so thankful they took the long drive to come see us!
As I spend the majority of the visit enjoying yummy food and family, I was kind of a picture slacker.  But here are a few I did think to take. 
Ben with Gramma and Grampa!
We did Christmas early too
Ben loves books!  He loved his gifts.
Water break while Gramma helps open the presents.
Yay!  Crayons! (I’d better stock up on magic erasers;) )

Playing with Mr. Potato Head.  The favorite gift!  Thank you Aunt Lindsay and crew!
Playing with Grampa.
Adorable new Christmas jammies and a Ben who is not pleased to have his picture taken.

We had a great Thanksgiving and a great early Christmas with Gramma and Grampa.   And an additional thank you to Aunt Lindsay, Uncle Chris, Charlotte, Joe, and Ella for the lovely gifts they sent up!  You were so generous and kind.  We are so lucky to have such great family.  Now to just figure out a way to get us all closer together all the time…


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