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Weekend Helper

I fully admit I am looking forward to the days when I can assign Ben chores and have reasonable expectations that they will be accomplished.  I mean, I am planning on teaching my son to respect and take care of his home because it is important to take care of himself and be a contributing member of the family.  Yeah, that one sounds better. 😉

Either way, Ben is still a bit young to have assigned chores, but he has started to be interested in ‘helping’ Pat and I do things.  This weekend he was quite the helper!

Saturday he started off by helping me fold the laundry!  True, his folding isn’t exactly the best.  But honestly, I am a pretty terrible folder myself.  (Just ask Pat. It shouldn’t be that hard.  Yet somehow despite a ton of practice I am still lacking in that area.)  He was able to help by putting socks into the laundry basket.  This was no easy task because the basket was on the couch!  So he had to reach down, grab a sock, and put it in the basket.  He got every one in!

So… how do we do this?
Pick up the sock…
And put it in the basket.
And repeat
Whew!  Job well done!

Later, Pat was doing some reorganization of the pantry.  There were a bunch of cans lined up on the floor to be re-shelved.  Ben sat down and handed Pat each can.  He was so proud of himself for helping his daddy.

Pick up a can
Hand it to Daddy
My boys!

It was a lot of fun to have Ben help out.  In all seriousness we do plan on working with Ben to do chores from a young age.  I think it is great that he is showing interest in helping, and I love to encourage him!  Everything is better when Ben is involved.

(And yes, he was totally rocking the Halloween jammies.  He’s wearing those til they don’t fit anymore.  He looks cute in them any time of the year. 🙂  )


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