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Winter Break 2016: Outside play and library

The days after Christmas can sometimes be a bit of a let down.  Not this year though.  We managed to pack even more fun in!  Pat got the whole week of January off, so we decided to really enjoy our break.

The first thing on our list of to-dos was yard work.  I know, not always the most fun thing in the world.  The yard needed a little work though.  I have to say, doing yard work in the first week of January is really throwing me!!  I’m used to hunkering down and staying inside.  It is hard to even think of getting out to fix things up, but that’s what we do now.  The kids thought it was all great fun.  We put up a pack and play in the yard for the girls and Ben ran around and ‘helped.’  The girls thought being outside was super fun.  They were so cute waving and cooing at us!
Ben loves being outside!


Little helper!!


Ben and Daddy, working hard.


Off to help some more!!


Little sweeties, enjoying the day


Happy Ali!


Smiling Sammy!


These two worked super hard. 😉

After a day working, we spent the next couple having fun.  We started off heading to a library branch Pat hadn’t been to yet.  It’s right up against a regional park.  This means it has great kids toys, books, and a little nature center for us to look at.  It isn’t anything too much.  It has some snakes, things like turtle shells to touch, and things to buy.  Plus a short outdoor path to walk around.  Pretty much perfect for a toddler.

Sammy love the library!


Ben keeps super busy at the library.  Not usually with books, but he does love the toys!


Ali is always happy to be out and about!


I think Ben works the giant tablet better than I do.


Checking out snakes


Ben wanted to try out the antlers.  He’s so cute.


Just in case we thought this rattlesnake wasn’t hard core, he’s just casually resting on a cactus.  Like you do.
It was a great start to the week.  I love that Pat had the days off and that we got to get some quality family time in!

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