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Winter Break 2016: Zoo!

The big event of our Winter Break was going to the zoo!  Aunt Gail and Uncle Dan got us a family pass for the year and we are so excited to have it.  When Pat and I lived in the city years ago we would go to the zoo all the time.  In our old town we had an animal rescue zoo that we had just started to take Ben and the girls to, and we had so much fun.  We are so happy to have a chance to take the kids to the zoo even more now!
We took a chance and left before Ali and Sammy’s first nap. I hoped they would sleep in the car, but they weren’t super into that.  Oh well.  All three kids were awesome at the zoo though.  The girls loved looking at everything.  Ben adored seeing everything.  He was super well behaved and we were so proud of him!
Checking out where we wanted to go first!

Ali (L) and Sammy (R) were so happy to be out and about!
“It looks like the Lion Guard!”

It’s handy to have Daddy to give you a boost!

My Ali!

My Sammy!

The Christmas stuff was still up, and we saw the Bumble from Rudolph!  Ben was very excited, but didn’t want to get too close. 😉

Climbing up high to see the giraffes! 

I had to grab some selfies with my girls too.  These two were so fun, watching everyone and giggling!  They had a really great time!

For a super fun treat we let Ben ride the camel!  He was so excited while we waited for his turn.  He was jumping and so eager.  I was a little nervous he would back out at the last second, or get scared when he was finally on the camel.  But he loved it!  I was so proud of him!  He listened very well to the operators and sat so nicely on the camel.  The camel’s name was Issac, and Ben still talks about his camel friend at the zoo.

One excited little guy!

Ready to ride!

He’s growing into such a big boy!

We stopped to get a treat, but Ben wanted a penny from the machine.  We didn’t have any change, but Pat is a great dad and waited in a long line to get some just for Ben.  Which penny did he want?  The camel to remember his camel ride of course!

We had such a great time at the zoo.  The kids did so well.  The girls were happy.  Ben behaved super well, staying right with us and listening nicely.  We are so excited to get to go back to the zoo again.  It was a wonderful day!


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