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Winter Break 2016: Play place and home play

Of course we had to wrap up Winter Break with some fun at the indoor play place!  I love that the girls can crawl around and get into everything, while Ben can use the bigger toys and meet other little friends!  Ali and Sammy loved playing with the balls again.  They also really wanted to play with Ben in the playhouses.  Ben wasn’t super thrilled by that, sometimes little sisters can be in the way.  But he did a pretty good job of letting them play too.  Ben loved the trains and playing with Daddy in the playhouses!  I really enjoyed watching Pat hang out in the tiny houses. 😉  Oh, and Ali and Sammy managed to find all the outlets in the place and go right at them.  Luckily this play place is beyond child proof- no way they can actually touch them.  It was a favorite toy for a bit though, silly girls.
Sammy was the first to find an outlet.
Oh yes, she called her sister over.  
This outlet has a force field!
The boys playing house.  Ben loves to talk on the phone!
Little sisters attack!  Storm the house!
Daddy is a soft touch and let Ali in to play.
Sammy too!

The girls have really gotten into playing on their own.  They just take off to the toys and play by themselves and with each other.  We were able to pull out some different toys and let them go nuts over the break.  These girls really know how to destroy a room.

Double Trouble!  This is just a fraction of the mess they can make.

We found the Easter bunny ears.  The girls thought they were the funniest thing ever.


I did have to do a little year end work, but Ben jumped right in to help me out!  It was so cute, like old times at the office.  He saw me working, grabbed his keyboard, drink, and asked for some notes a receipts to work on.  My junior bookkeeper hasn’t missed a beat!

New office space- the kitchen table 🙂
Still my favorite coworker.  This kid has lots of experience!

Of course we didn’t work on an empty stomach.  This sweet boy loves to help me make breakfast.  He’s getting pretty good at scrambled eggs.

My little helper.  How do I get anything done without him?

It was such a great week.  We got things done around the house and had a ton of fun.  We felt ready to dive into the new year, refreshed and raring to go!


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