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21-Months-Old Twin Schedule

Ali and Sammy turn 21-months-old this weekend!  It feels so strange to me because Ben was 21-months-old when I got pregnant with the girls.  I remember thinking Ben was getting so big and we were ready for a baby.  Now I look at my girls and think they are still babies!  Does anyone else feel that way when they look at their younger children compared to their older?  It could just be that I have the direct comparison of a 4-year-old that makes them seem younger.  Or maybe it is the fact that there are two of them, so traits can be magnified.  I think the big reason might just be that we feel our family is complete, so I want to savor every moment with my babies!  Whatever the reason, it is time to take a look at our 21-months-old twin schedule.

Looking for sample schedules? Here is our twins 21-months-old schedule. #Toddler #schedule #twins

These little ladies are busy bees and keep me on my toes.  They are quickly becoming old pros at the important little sister skill of waiting for big brother.  We are on the go a lot, but they have adjusted beautifully.  Our days aren’t as consistent as they used to be, but we still hit all the biggies that they need.  Let’s start with the bare bones schedule that we try to hit every day.

21-Month-Old Schedule Basics

7:20am: Daily Wake Time

7:30-8:30am: Breakfast and get dressed for the day

8:30am: Leave to take Ben to school

9:30am: Back home and free playtime

9:45-11am: Independent Playtime

11:15am: Lunch

12:30pm: Leave to pick up Ben

1:30pm: Back home and free playtime

2-4:30pm: Nap

5:15pm: Dinner

7pm: Bedtime

21-Months-Old Twin Sample Schedule


These are the big guys, the most important things to hit.  If there is a major event, we can skip independent playtime.  However, both Ali and Sammy do much better with some morning down time.  They both enjoy it and go willingly too!  I give them little plastic baskets to put toys into and it is so sweet to watch them gather up some toys and run off to their room.

We do have two main schedules that we follow in terms of exact timing.  Ben goes to preschool three days a week and speech two days.  This doesn’t change much but does alter the days a little bit.  Here are the details of our schedule.

21-Month-Old Detailed Schedule

7:00am: This is the time Ali and Sammy actually wake up.  They play in their cribs.  (It’s so fun to have your best friend in the bed right next to you!) I will give them each a book to look at if they get too unhappy.

7:20am: They are released!  Almost every morning starts with all three kids doing laps around the couch.  They run around and play while I get breakfast ready.

7:30am: Breakfast and getting dressed.  Our mornings are a bit busier since we have to be out of the house relatively early every day, so breakfast is a bit faster and less formal.  Lots of playtime while I run around trying to get everyone organized.

Here is where we diverge a tiny bit.


9:00am: We leave for Ben’s speech.  His appointment is only 25 minutes.  Sometimes I bring toys and books and we play in the waiting room.  Now that the weather is nicer we walk around the office park.  We get some much needed fresh air and I get a chance to just talk with the girls.

10:30am: Home from speech and right to independent playtime.  This is where the routine is amazing.  None of the kids complain, they all gather the toys they want and head straight to their rooms.  It’s wonderful.

11:30am: Lunch

12:30pm: (Yes, they still take an hour to eat a lot of meals.) Family activity.  We either run errands, head to the park (when it isn’t too hot) or just play at home.


8:30am: Leave to take Ben to school.  On Tuesdays Ben’s school has chapel.  (He goes to preschool at our church.) Families are welcome, so of course, the girls and I attend.  They pay attention the whole time! There is singing and dancing and it is so fun.

9:30am: Home. (closer to 10 on chapel day). They run and play in the living room.

10:00am: Independent Playtime.  Again, they go willingly and happily.  They stay awake the whole time almost every day.  Every so often if we have been super busy one or both of the ladies will fall asleep.  I keep the music going and the room bright, so if they sleep they sleep.  I assume they need the rest then.

11:00am: Lunch.  It is more important to have lunch on time with my ladies.  They enjoy meal times and they last a long time.  Even starting this early there have been days where I had to just stop lunch so we could pick up Ben!  When they are done we play.  I think they both enjoy getting free access to all the toys without big brother trying to run the show.  I try to use this time we have to do little educational games with the girls.

12:30pm: Leave to pick up Ben.

1:30pm: Home for free play.

Every Day

2-4:30pm: Naptime.  Again, I love our routine.  The girls go happily to nap.  They occasionally play around, but most days they go to sleep right away.  I do wake them at 4:30 if they aren’t already awake.

4:30pm: Free play.  We also do show time for Ben during this time.  They are starting to pay attention to the tv a bit, but they will also run around and play.

5:15pm: Dinner.  And it had better be on time or I hear about it.  These girls love to eat!

6:00pm:  Ali and Sammy are allowed to leave the table whenever they say they are all done.  (Ben has to stick around a little longer.)  After dinner, we have family time playing, reading, and enjoying shows.

7:00pm: Bed time!  Both girls are pretty good about going to bed.  The biggest thing they protest is putting on jammies, and we really think it is because they just love their clothes so much.  They don’t like to take off their favorite outfits!  They aren’t big fans of brushing their teeth, but that doesn’t take too long.  We do prayers, sing, and they are out!  We rarely hear from them after lights out.


On weekends we follow the basic schedule, but we go out and about as activities and errands require.  The girls get independent playtime every weekend day.

21-Months-Old Twin Sample Schedule


This schedule is really working for us right now.  We are on the go all the time, but still get the rest and downtime the ladies need.  There have been a few other changes with Ali and Sammy these past few months.  They are getting a bit pickier about food.  I know this is normal, but we are trying to keep up the good habits we have been working on.  I feel they are still too young to understand the whys of healthy eating, and if they really refuse to eat something they will get a backup food.  These consist of simple healthy choices.  Otherwise, we let them dictate how much they want to eat.  We don’t make a different meal for them unless what we are having is something I don’t feel safe with them eating.

These two ladies are messy.  Oh my, are they messy.  I don’t remember Ben still being so messy at this age!  But it isn’t uncommon to have food in their hair or even their ears.  Besides food being messy they are just messier little kids.  Ben is such an orderly child.  He likes everything to be in the proper place.  Ali and Sammy?  No.  They adore dumping out bins of toys and making giant messes.  We go with it, and luckily they are starting to enjoy clean up as well.

Sammy and Ali are bit prone to mischief.  They are good girls, and smart too.  I can tell them no or to put something back and they will.  But they can’t seem to help themselves from getting into things they aren’t supposed to.  They keep me on my toes!  Bother are little daredevils.  They can climb on the couch unassisted, and they know they are supposed to sit on the couch.  Yet somehow they keep standing up and jumping.  Another current favorite is to climb on top of closed toy bins.   It is funny because they know when they aren’t supposed to do things.  And they cheerfully comply when I say no.  Then a few minutes later they are back getting into trouble.  Those dimples and giggles go a long way when it comes to getting away with things.

As for other developments, both ladies love to run.  They are trying to jump on their own, and are still in that adorable time where they think they are jumping but don’t actually leave the ground.  (Although Sammy has at least once or twice!) They are saying a few more words.  That is exciting, but I know I will never get a word in once they are both talking.  They sleep well most of the time.  We’ve had a few nights where they woke up and moaned a bit.  I’m not sure if it was because of a sleep regression, or because the nights have gotten cooler and they got cold.  But a little shushing and they go back to sleep.  Eating is good.  They love to eat and love mealtimes.

Lately, they haven’t had a ton of twinemies moments, thank goodness.  They do fight with each other sometimes, but they get over it quickly.  Dagger is a rock star when she comes around.  (She usually sleeps in my room.) Both ladies are getting much better about being gentle!  Besides learning how to wait for big brother, they are getting much better at the little sister skill of pestering big brother.  They adore him and everything he does, but they try to get in his face a lot.  Seeing Ben just lights them up, and they always laugh at his antics.  It is so sweet seeing all three of them enjoy each other’s company.  (Don’t worry, they aren’t Stepford children.  They fight sometimes.)

Looking for a sample schedule for your toddler twins? Check out this 21-months-old schedule for toddlers and toddler twins.

Over the next few months, I hope to do more directed learning activities with Ali and Sammy.  Nothing major, but some work with colors, shapes, and counting.  They are little sponges and I know they are learning so much just by playing and being with Ben.  As it is getting cooler they are playing outside more.  This is fun and terrifying.  I’ve mentioned how these ladies have no sense of danger, right?  Basically, we spend park time with me running around making sure no one gets hurt or tries to eat a woodchip.  Someday I might be brave enough to try letting them walk when we are out instead of being in the stroller.  Or maybe not.  😉

I am a blessed mommy.  These girls are little delights, and I am so grateful I am their mother.

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Wednesday 3rd of January 2018

I have twins that turned 20 months on the 1st of Jan. I love seeing how things are going. It helps me have a look ahead. :) Quick question: Do you do snack time with your twins? If so, when if you don’t mind me asking. :)


Thursday 4th of January 2018

Hi Tisha! I don't do a formal snack time with my kiddos. I tend to view snacks as an 'as needed' thing instead of having either a no-snack policy or set snack time. But if we do a snack time it is usually at 1:30, right before nap time. We would do that for a few reasons. If my girls ate an early lunch, or if I knew dinner was going to be late we might have a snack. If I notice they are in a growth spurt and just genuinely hungry we will do one. Or if they have been eating poorly at meals I might offer one just to keep them going a bit. We usually do simple snacks. I try to aim for fruit, bananas and raisins are favorites. Basic plain cheerios are a go to as well. (No mess for me with those.)

Does that help? Let me know how else I can help you out. Twins are so fun, and it just gets better! :)

Mary Leigh

Saturday 21st of October 2017

This seems like a great schedule! I love the independent play time!

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