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Ali and Sammy do solids!

The girls have had their first solid food experience!!  As I wrote in my solids post, we use baby led weaning (BLW).  Solids is a somewhat controllable first, so I was excited to set up a time to give the girls their first bite!
We started the girls on carrots.  This is for two main reasons.  One, we started Ben on carrots first and I love keeping tradition.  Two, we had carrots in the house already.  I know, these are the important ways we make decisions.  All I did was boil up some carrot sticks so they would be soft should the girls actually get them in their mouths.  Then I cooled them off and popped them on the trays!
We still have to work out the logistics of how everyone is going to fit around our table, so I wanted to use the little seats we had for the girls.  We had a little chair that Ben used at the office, and there is a tray side to the activity chair.  This was also a great set up for pictures.  You know, the important part.
We set the girls up and of course Ben wanted to get in on the fun.  He pulled his special chair over and sat down with the girls.
Ben is happy to be in on the fun!
Par for the course with our kids, all three would not smile in the same picture.  I might need to learn photoshop if I ever want a picture of all three of them looking at the camera and smiling!
Happy girls!
Ben was very interested in what we were doing.  I was thrilled that he said he wanted to eat with the girls!  Then he found out they were eating carrots.  He said, “Blech!”  Yeah, helpful big brother there.  Little does he know he eats veggies in many of his other foods.  (Insert evil laugh here 😛 ) The girls didn’t seem to notice Ben’s aversion to the food they were getting.  They were intrgued by what was on their trays,
First food!
They did a really good job!  They both were able to pick up the carrots and bring them to their mouths.  I think they each got a little taste, but I’m pretty certain neither actually ate much.  Even theough I like BLW and do it with my kids, I am not immune to the worry of my precious babies choking!  In fact I plucked a piece out of Sammy’s mouth out of habit.  Oops.
Toy over food
Giving it a go!
Pretty quickly Ali got distracted by the toys on her chair, and Sammy followed suit.  We decided to wrap things up and let the girls get back to playing.  I am pleased with the first attempt!  They got a chance to manipulate food and practice bringing it to their mouths.  Actually eating it will come in time.  We are going slow right now.  I think the girls need a little more practice sitting up.  They both also seem very happy with just nursing.  It is nice not to have to rush the solids.  We give them a chance to eat like this every other day or so .  Our grocery bill appreciates them taking their time getting into solid food.

My sweet girls are getting so big!  I can’t believe I have two more solid eaters in my home!



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