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Dress up!

The other night Ben and I were hanging out with Ali and Sammy, catching up on some Blaze and the Monster Machines, and it was some sort of medieval adventure.  I wasn’t paying a ton of attention because, well, because kids tv.  Ben turned to me though and said “Ben knight.”  I of course said yes, you’re a knight.  I mean, normally he says things like this and I give a confirmation and we go about our day.  He kept saying it though.  Finally he looked at me and said, “Make me knight!”  Poor kid, it took me long enough to figure out he wanted to dress up as a knight.  Play dress up?  I am so on it!!
I asked Ben what he felt he needed to be a knight.  He said he needed a sword.  We had some blocks out so I was able to put one together for him.  Then he said he needed a shield.  Well, hello pot lid.  Perfect!  Then he needed a hat.  This one was a little harder.  Fortunately we have a great colander that hasn’t actually been used for its intended purpose for over a year. 😉  It might not look like much, but to Ben it was perfect!!  He was so proud of his knight outfit.  He referred to himself as Sir Ben for the rest of the evening.  I was of course Sir Mommy.  I asked him if the girls were Lady Ali and Lady Sammy.  Well I think I have imparted some feminist wisdom on him because he said no, Sir Ali and Sir Sammy.  (Okay, he said Sir Girls.  They are kind of unit to him still.)  We had so much fun being knights!
Sir Ben!!

We did have to add a belt to hold his sword after a bit.

My little hero

 After playing for a bit I realized the block sword was not the best.  It kept falling apart.  After Ben went to bed I found some little pieces of wood and fashioned a better sword that wouldn’t fall apart.  The next morning we went right back to being knights!

Is my kid the only one who insists on wearing winter jammies in summer?

The next evening Ben decided we needed to be pirates.  The kid is challenging my costume skills!  For this one we needed hats, vests, and swords.  Fortunately for me Ben went with his knight hat as a pirate hat.  I was able to get us vests and we already had our swords.   (Poor Sammy was completely freaked out by my hat.  I don’t think she is made for the pirate life.)


It was getting on bed time, so I didn’t have a chance to get us many accessories.  We were able to use our imaginations though.

Pretend eye patches!
Pretend hooks are way safer than the real thing

I am just adoring this new imaginative play phase!  Dress up is so much fun.  And at this young age Ben is very forgiving with what I am able to come up with.  I am going to have to step up my game a bit.  (Hello, pinterest.  Glad I can waste more time on you.:P ) I can’t wait to see what he wants to be next!!


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