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Ben’s big wheel

Our church put together a huge garage sale, and Omi was a big help in getting it off the ground.  So on Friday he took Ben and me over to check it out!  There was a ton of stuff, but we weren’t actually looking to buy too much.  Pat and I are holding out a little longer on buying things for the babies.  As for Ben, well, Ben has a lot of toys.  He really doesn’t need much.

We still had a lot of fun!  There was a whole room full of kids toys, and we let Ben just run around and play for a bit.  He was in heaven.  As I said, we weren’t planning on buying him anything, but he became really attached to a big wheel there.  He pushed it all around the place.  When he couldn’t push it (because I didn’t want him running into anything with it) he made me carry it around.  He really fell in love with this thing.  It was funny, because he didn’t want to sit on it, he just wanted to push it around.  Well obviously Omi couldn’t let Ben walk out of there without that big wheel.  He got it for Ben, and Ben is so happy.

It is currently sitting in our living room, which won’t last for too long.  I am a big believer in outdoor toys being outdoors.  He mainly likes to push it around, so I don’t mind too much right now.  He does like to sit on it, and it working on figuring out the pedals!  I’m sure he’ll pick up on it quick, then watch out!  I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with him!

You can see him sitting on his awesome big wheel here.

Who’s eating my dust?
Looking so grown up!

Watch out on the sidewalks, Ben will be coming through soon!


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