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BFBN Blog Week: Friday

Today is our last day blogging about the wonderful world of sleep.  (And as Ben is napping, and I wish I was napping, sleep does indeed seem wonderful right now:) ) I have really enjoyed learning and hearing from all the other ladies about the many aspects of sleep in children and infants.  What can I say, I really like sleep!

First up today is Elaine from Faithfully Infertile.  She is blogging about prioritizing sleep.  I know this whole week is about the importance of sleep, but she really drives home some good points.  It can be hard to plan around naps.  Real life keeps happening despite having a baby.  But I personally think it is so worth making that sacrifice to build the framework for good sleep.  Check out what Elaine has to say on the subject.


Finally we have Claire at My Devising.  She is talking about dropping the morning nap.  I know I was not looking forward to this with Ben.  Since he comes to work with me, that morning nap time was important work time!  But Claire has some good points that dropping the nap means more freedom.  We are able to adjust our mornings as needed now.  We can run errands on the weekends, have more time to go on family outings, and participate in morning library programs.  True, it meant more time to fill up in the morning, but it worked out pretty well.  Ben was able to really get back to independent play time instead.  This is perfect for us, as I get a chance to get work done, and he gets valuable time playing himself.  Plus, he has the option to fall asleep during that time.  Ben has always needed a decent amount of sleep, so he sometimes needs a power nap during this time.  Claire goes step by step through how to handle dropping the morning nap and embracing the freedom that comes with it.

Text: Dropping the Morning Nap {text in white on top of blurry picture of baby sleeping in colorful sleep sack}
This is it for my first BFBN Blog week!  I am still so thankful to be a part of this great group of women.  I have learned a lot from all their posts and hope other people have too.
More Ben pictures starting tomorrow!


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