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BFBN Blog week: Tuesday

Today we have two posts on different aspects of sleep.  I love sleep.  I love when my baby sleeps.  And I know I will love when these new babies sleep.

Shea from The Moses Home is blogging about the importance of the first nap in the day.  I know I had a hard time with this with Ben for a bit.  Since we went to work every day, he kind of got a mini nap in the car, but not quite a full one.  It was important that I spend some time really working to give him a chance to get the sleep he needs.  I’ll be re-reading this one as the twins get closer to arriving.  With two babies and a toddler, I will be on a sleep mission!

Text: Protecting baby's 1st nap  Picture: baby sleeping in a crib in a red sleep sack with white polka dots
The second poster is Stephanie from Giving it Grace.  She’s blogging about the importance of having a sleep routine.  This is something we have been doing with Ben forever.  And I have to say, it doesn’t have to be a long involved routine!  Sure, most nights we have a little fun and take our time.  But if we need to we can shorten it way down by just hitting the key points.  I think it really helps Ben transition to sleep time and know we are serious about it being time to sleep.  Stephanie gives some great ideas for starting a routine.
Text: The Importance of a Sleep Routine  Picture: baby sleeping in dark wood crib in light blue sleep sack with tushy in the air
I hope these posts help some people out.  Sleep is so important, yet it is so easy to not prioritize it.  Tomorrow I’ll be highlighting another post, and I will have my own on keeping a sleep routine while on vacation.  Hooray Sleep!

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