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Christmas Trip: LadyBird!

Seeing how much Ben loves Dagger, I was looking forward to seeing Ben with LadyBird.  Last time we were in Arkansas, he loved her.  But a lot can change in 6 months, and he doesn’t have a lot of interactions with dogs.  This time he was a little more hesitant around LadyBird.  I think it is pretty understandable.  I got down on Ben’s level, and LadyBird is pretty much his height.  Imagine a dog that is bigger than you coming right for you, and you can see how he might be a little nervous.  He quickly came around to her though!  After a few minutes with LadyBird sitting nicely on her leash, Ben was all about her.
I loved watching Ben with LadyBird.  He loved to go up to her and hug and kiss her, but only as long as she was looking the other way.  Understandably he didn’t like the get a big wet nose to the face!  If she came up to him he tended to curl into a ball or grab onto whomever was closest to him.  Charlotte was particularly helpful at making sure LadyBird didn’t ‘get’ him.  Pat and I were not super helpful, as we got a little kick out of LadyBird drooling on him.  Revenge for all the drool bombs he drops on us!  LadyBird was wonderful with Ben, as she is with all the kids.  She didn’t mind at all when Ben used her to pull up to standing, or when he was a little less than gentle with the petting.  She also didn’t mind when he crawled up on her bed to give her a kiss and a pet.  
Stealing LadyBird’s bed
Carefully approaching…
Gentle pets
Sweet friends

I love how much Ben loves animals.  He really enjoyed his time with LadyBird.  He was very happy to be back with Dagger, and I think he appreciates how little she is a bit more now.  He seems to be a bit more gentle with her.  It was fun to spend so much time with a sweet dog.  Thanks, LadyBird!!


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