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Halloween picture wrap up

We already know that this Halloween’s costumes didn’t go as planned.  But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a great holiday.  Ben enjoyed wearing his Halloween themed shirts all week.  He loved that we had little pumpkins out in our house, and pointed to them any time he saw a pumpkin on tv or in one of his books.  We watched Charlie Brown’s The Great Pumpkin as a family, and he seemed to actually enjoy it this year.  Of course he liked the Toy Story special a lot better.  Given his current love for Buzz Lightyear that is to be expected.

Sadly we didn’t get many trick or treaters this year.  In fact we got one family with 2 kids.  We were home for the early part of the afternoon trick or treating, but we went out to dinner with Meo and Omi during the prime time I think most kids were out.  Plus it was another rainy year, which often means fewer kids.  Oh well, more candy for Pat and me to get to eat!  We didn’t take Ben out this year.  The big reason is I still feel he is too young.  I don’t think he really gets what is going on, and I have no intentions of letting him eat very much, if any candy.  Don’t get me wrong, he gets treats, but candy is not one of them.  Add to that he wasn’t wearing a costume, which to me makes it seem a little more like blatant begging.   Halloween is Meo’s birthday, and we enjoyed a great dinner out with her and Omi, plus some play time back at their house.

Once again, it was a quiet Halloween, but a nice one.  I for one enjoyed having one last Halloween without much going on.  Next year I am pretty certain Ben will know what is going on.  Having an older brother means the girls will figure it out much sooner as well.  I think we’ll be out and about from here on out.

Rockin his Pizza Joe’s Halloween shirt.
I miss their pizza!!
Looking adorable, even without a cape!
Office shot!  Yes, I wore my cat ears.  I love Halloween!
My growing family!!


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