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Seven month update and schedule

I am not kidding that this month flew by.  Of course packing up your whole life and moving across the country kind of keeps you busy.  The girls did really well with all the changes. I am so proud of them.  They weren’t overly thrilled with all of it.  They are very social little girls and love to have someone talking to them.  The thing is, it is hard to pack while two little babies want you staring only at them!  Fortunately Meo was able to come over and give them the attention they needed.  I am happy to report that despite a chaotic home with packing going on, then sleeping in new places on a three day road trip, the girls have stuck to their schedule and done so well!  They sleep and eat without any real issues.  Go girls!

The girls got into the Olympic spirit!  (Ali left, Sammy right)

The big thing the girls are into this month is rolling.  They are all about rolling from their backs to their fronts.  They love playing on their bellies!  This is a little new to me as Ben was never really into hanging out on his stomach.  I don’t really remember him just hanging out and playing that way much at all.  Ali especially loves it.  She was the first to consistently roll from back to front.  Sammy was big on laying on her back with her feet in the air for a long time.  (That was Ben’s favorite thing to do.)  Now they are both all about being on their tummies.  Both girls have learned to lay their heads down comfortably.  That seems like a silly thing to have to learn how to do, but it is important!  They can roll both ways, front to back and back to front.  Sometimes they just cry out until I flip them back on their backs though.  I remember Ben going through a stage where he ‘forgot’ how to roll that way, so I’m not worried about it.  In fact I think it is kind of good.  I don’t want them figuring out how to get mobile yet!

The jumper got packed up, so we haven’t had much time in that.  They still love their bouncers.  They did get tired of them in the final days before the move.  But there was just too much going on that they couldn’t be on the floor as much.  They are bearing some weight on their legs.  They love bouncing on laps.  And they are starting to sit up a bit!  They still need someone right there with them, they tend to tip easily.  But they are on their way!  We did start solids this month.  We haven’t gotten too far into it though.  They didn’t show a ton of interest.  And honestly I didn’t think they fully showed all the signs of being ready.  And that was just fine with me.  Really it was good that they weren’t ready yet.  We were so busy packing it was a break for me that I didn’t have to worry about feeding them solids.  As we get more settled and they are showing more signs of readiness we will dive back in!

They are just the sweetest little girls.  They are looking more and more alike, but they are so not the same person!  Ali is currently our little outgoing baby.  She loves to smile and gives her smiles away with real joy.  She laughs deeply from her belly and loves looking at people.  She can be quick to get angry, but she is very quick to get over it too.  She tends to be our louder girl.  She has a voice and likes to use it!  She is often the first of the two to try new things.  She loves grabbing toys and works to get them!  Sammy is still a little more reserved.  She has a great smile, but you have to earn it a bit more.  I can tell from the look in  her eyes when she thinks something is funny, but she takes a little longer to give the big belly laugh.  She is slow to get angry, but she can hold a grudge!  Neither girl was thrilled with the road trip, but I swear Sammy took almost a week to really forgive us.  I know it sounds crazy to think a six month old can hold a grudge, but while she would smile at us her eyes still told us she remembered that drive.  She is determined.  She is usually the second sister to try something, but I think she likes to wait to make sure she can do it.  She will work to get her toys too, she is just a little more strategic about it.  The girls complement each other well.  They seem to enjoy being near one another and interacting.  I love watching them play.

No schedule changes this month.  We kept everything as consistent as we could to counteract the major location change.

7:30am: Wake and nurse
9-11am: Nap
11am: Nurse
1:45pm: Nurse
4:30pm: Nurse
6:45pm: Nurse
7pm: Bed

They are doing really well with the schedule!  They stay awake most of the midday period now.  If they are tired they need a little extra attention.  They occassionally catch a nap in the car, but not as often!  We are able to get out some mornings and have them nap on the go, which is a wonderful thing.  We can get Ben to activities and just get things done that can’t always wait for the midday awake period.  They don’t have a formal independent playtime, but they do spend time with their toys on their own on the floor.  They go to naps and bed readily and wake up happy.  They still nurse well, which is a huge blessing.  This next month we are going to work on building up our new routine in our new town!  I’m going to add in solids more consistently, and hopefully get them into the jumper once it is unpacked.  Ben adored that and I think the girls will too!

I am so lucky!  (Sammy left, Ali right)

The girls really are a joy in our lives.  While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend packing up and moving with an almost three year old and six month old twins, the kids really made it relatively easy.  The girls adjusted well to a changing environment, slept well, and kept up their good spirits.  I just love being with them.  They are so fun, each in her own way.  They are both little loves that just make everyone smile.  I am so so beyond blessed to be their mother.  I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I am thrilled I did!


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Seven months!
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