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25 Days of Christmas STEM

25 Days of Christmas STEM

It’s here, December. Time to be full on Christmas season. My kids are super pumped and ask constantly how many more days til Christmas.

So we are counting down my very favorite way, with STEAM activities. And you can too. Let’s do it.

25 days of christmas stem for kids

25 Days of Christmas STEM

This is going to be fun, I promise. And don’t worry, I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to do with your kids.

First up, I’ve put all the activities into a grid. This helps you have some choices here.

  • You can go straight through the activities days by day. Follow the order and have fun.
  • You can jump around, picking which activities you want to do when. Follow your heart.
  • You can use it as a bingo card, picking just a few activities to ‘win.’ Follow your time and stress levels and only do the few activities you want to.

However you want to do it, you will create a countdown that your kids love and learn from.

There is a printable at the bottom of this post with the whole countdown on it. Print it up and watch your kids curiosity explode!

Activities for Your STEAM Christmas Countdown

1. Make a Cloud Dough Sensory Bin.

Cloud dough is fun and engaging for kids, plus it looks an awful lot like snow. You can learn how to make it here: Cloud Dough Snow.

2. Observe a Candy Cane Color Spread.

Take some candy cane pieces (or those red and white mints) and place them in a circle around the edge of a plate. Add a little water and watch the colors spread. What does your child think is happening? Can they make new patterns to observe the color spread? Get it here: Candy Cane Color Spread.

3. Do a Christmas Tinker Tray.

Tinker trays encourage creative play and problem-solving. You can use whatever you have on hand (it’s a great way to use up old craft supplies). Read more here and get ideas for more directed engineering challenges: Christmas Tinker Trays.

4. Make Christmas Tree Slime.

Kids love slime, that’s just how it is. This Christmas tree slime challenges your kids to do more than just squish away and make a mess, they need to think of ways to make it look like a tree! Plus with every slime activity, there is a ton of sensory learning. Make it here: Christmas Tree Slime.

5. Make an I-Spy Bottle.

This is a good activity to make early in the month and use all season long. I-Spy bottles promote observation skills and calming skills. Let your child help you make it now and they can use it for quiet time all month! Learn here: I-Spy Bottles for Kids.

6. Make Candy Cane Slime.

This double-colored slime doesn’t take many extra steps, but the colors really help demonstrate the properties of slime for your kids. What sorts of shapes can you make? Get the directions here: Candy Cane Slime.

7. Make a Snowball Shooter.

Learn about physics and launch snowballs (marshmallows) across the room. A couple of crafts sticks and a plastic spoon and you are in business. I recommend making one per child and one for yourself, you’ll want to get in on the fun. Make it here: Snowball Shooters.

8. Design the Ultimate Snow Fort.

This is an art challenge. (Yes, art and creativity matter for science too!) Grab some paper and crayons and have your child design the ultimate snow fort. Will it have a slide? A snack bar? A place to store extra snowballs? It’s amazing what kids can come up with.

9. Make 2-Ingredient Snow.

This is my favorite way to make fake snow, and you already have the ingredients at home. The best part of this snow? It’s actually cold! Learn the science behind this endothermic reaction and get the easy instructions to make it. Make it here: 2-Ingredient Snow.

10. Make a Dinosaur Snow Globe.

This is a holiday craft as unique as your child. Learn how easy it is to make your own snow globe at home, and throw away the idea it needs to be perfect. Dinos worked for us, but you can make it any way you want. Here’s how: Dinosaur Snow Globes for Kids.

11. Experiment with Ornament Weights.

Grab a hanger and some ornaments and watch your child learn about levers and comparative weights. Your child can explore what happens as they put different ornaments on each side of the hangar and move them around. This is a great one for young preschoolers! Learn how to set it up here: Ornament Weight Comparison.

12. Explore with a Rice Snow Sensory Bin.

Have some white rice? You can make a snow sensory bin. No, it isn’t real snow. But it’s white and fun to scoop and pour. If you want to try something different cook and cool the rice before your child plays with it. Suddenly the same old rice bin is all new! Rice Snow Sensory Bin.

25 Days of CHristmas STEM for Kids

13. Make Ice Slime.

Ice slime is one of my favorite types of slime, and my kids can’t get enough of the clear nature of it. Grab some clear glue and glitter (if you dare) and make this fun winter slime. It’s all here: Ice Slime.

14. Design an Elf Trap.

This is another creative challenge. Your child can draw a picture of a way to trap an elf. If they are feeling extra creative they can try to build it! Here is how we built our trap: How To Make and Elf Trap. (I also suggest checking out leprechaun traps for more creative ideas.)

15. Make Crystal Ornaments.

You can make amazing crystals at home that make beautiful ornaments. Learn the science of how crystals are formed and make homemade ornaments your kids will adore. And trust me, it is easier than you think. Here’s how to make them: DIY Crystal Ornaments.

16. Play a Santa Math Game.

Santa math! Yes, it is a thing and it is super fun. Grab the free printable and play this fun math game that boosts number sense. It also doubles as a fun craft project! Get the game here: Santa Math for Kids.

17. Make a Play Dough Reindeer.

Challenge your child to use play dough to make their own reindeer. What makes this even better? Use peanut butter playdough! Gumdrops can make a cute nose and pretzels are great for antlers. Let your child be as creative as they want! Get the recipe for peanut butter playdough here: 2-Ingredient Peanut Butter Play Dough.

18. Design a New Sled for Santa.

Santa has his work cut out for him. Visiting all the children in the world in one night means he needs a quality sled. Can your child think of what that would entail? Challenge your little one to build a sled for Santa. Does it need more speed? A hot chocolate dispenser? Anything is possible.

19. Grow the Grinch’s Heart.

We all know the Grinch’s heart grew when he finally understood the spirit of Christmas. But we can make it grow with science too. A couple of household items, a green balloon, and you are ready to try it out. Get all the directions here: Grow the Grinch’s Heart with Science.

20. Make a Cotton Ball Sensory Bin.

There are so many fun ways to play pretend snow. And what are cotton balls but tiny snowballs that don’t make you cold! Let your child explore with a bin full of cotton balls while they boost language skills through sensory play. (This would be a good time to pull back out the snowball shooter too!) Learn more here: Cotton Ball Snow Sensory Bins.

21. Make Color Mixing Ornaments.

Practice colors and the science of color mixing while making beautiful homemade ornaments! You need clear plastic ornaments that you can get at the dollar store and paint. The best part of this art project is that it is basically mess-free. Perfect! DIY Color Mixing Ornaments.

22. Make Grinch Slime.

The Grinch is a great way to teach kids about the spirit of Christmas and how it isn’t all about getting gifts. You can talk about that while you make fun Grinch slime! I love to make a heart and watch it slowly grow, just like the Grinch’s. Gooey, green, and a fun way to entertain your kids while you get work done. Here’s how: How To Make Grinch Slime.

23. Make Reindeer Fly.

Make a reindeer fly at home! You need a balloon, some string, and a toilet paper roll. Plus physics. Make cause and effect fun while you explore the physics of how the reindeer fly around with Santa. Here’s how to do it: Flying Reindeer STEM Activity.

24. Draw Santa a Treasure Map.

Time for a creative thinking challenge. Can your child draw a treasure map for Santa to follow? The treasure is the Christmas tree for Santa to leave the gifts. They can make it straightforward and helpful or give Santa a bit of an obstacle course to follow. What will they come up with?

25. Christmas!

You made it. However you decided to complete this challenge, you made it through. Enjoy the memories you made with your kids and have a great holiday.


Grab the Free Printable!

Grab this printable and track your holiday STEAM progress! Click here to get your copy.

Christmas STEAM Challenge for Kids

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