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Christmas Counting Worksheet: Santa Math Fun!

Christmas Counting Worksheet: Free Printable Math Santa

My kids loved the ghost counting activity we did at Halloween.  So, of course, I knew we had to try it again with a Christmas theme!  Oh yes, we are talking about Christmas counting worksheets.

This is fun and easy.  The goal is to work on numbers.  More specifically, you can work on number sense, counting, and basic addition and subtraction here.

Here is a fun Christmas craft that will help your kids with counting and math!  (And you can learn how to grab the free printable at the end!

Christmas Counting Worksheets! Try these fun and easy math games to work on counting and number sense with your preschooler and toddler. Free printable worksheet! #christmas #christmaslearning #learningactivity #numbersense #countinggame #christmasSTEM #christmascraft #toddler #preschool

Christmas Counting Worksheet

As I said, this Christmas worksheet came out of the Halloween worksheet we did several weeks ago.  For that one, I just drew a ghost on a piece of paper.  Easy peasy.

You know what? Drawing Santa is a lot harder. 🙂  Don’t worry, I made it easy for you and made a math worksheet.  (And yes, Christmas worksheets can be fun!)

Here are the fun games you can play.

The Set Up

Print off the worksheet.  Then gather your supplies:

  1. Cotton balls
  2. Glue
  3. Dice

You can have your kids color in Santa’s hat if you like too.  An alternative to cotton balls are puff balls in Christmas colors.  You can also use stickers or just color in the numbers during the games.  Whatever works best for you!

Christmas STEM! Work on number sense, counting, and math with this fun printable Santa game. Easy holiday STEAM! #christmaslearning #christmasSTEM #mathgame #freeprintable #learningactivity #preschool #toddler #numbersense #counting

Christmas Math Games

This worksheet can be tailored to your child’s skill level.  I personally loved that I could use the same worksheet with Ben and with Ali and Sammy.  Yep, it worked for a 5-year-old and 2-year-olds!

The main idea is the same for all the games.  Find the number and glue a cotton ball to it, making Santa’s beard!

Here are ways to pick those numbers.

Counting Up and Down

Start by finding the number 1 and gluing on a cotton ball.  Then find 2, then 3, and so on to 10.  This is a fun way to practice numerical order.

For an added challenge, start at 10 and count down.  This is a strong way to reinforce counting skills.

This game version is good for toddlers and preschoolers.  It should be noted that being able to count backward is a skill that isn’t really expected until a child is 5-years-old.  That doesn’t mean you can’t practice it with younger children, but be prepared to talk them through it.

Number Sense

Have your child roll the dice.  Then find the number that they roll!  Glue on a cotton ball and roll again.

Going out of numerical order like this works number sense.  That is the recognition that each number represents a unique value.  It is important that children can recognize numbers on their own, not just in a string they recite back to you.

This game version is good for toddlers and preschoolers.  Number sense learning starts as soon as children start to learn numbers.  Understanding it will help with future math success.

(Learn more about number sense—> Number Sense: Why It Matters and Activities To Try)


Christmas STEM! Work on number sense, counting, and math with this fun printable Santa game. Easy holiday STEAM! #christmaslearning #christmasSTEM #mathgame #freeprintable #learningactivity #preschool #toddler #numbersense #counting

Basic Addition

Take two dice and have your child roll them.  Add up the numbers and find them on the counting worksheet.  Glue on a cotton ball and roll again!

This is, of course, basic addition.  Using dice makes the concepts more concrete because your child can use the dots on the die as a visual representation of the numbers they are adding together.

Now the worksheet only goes up to 10, so you might need to reroll if you get an 11 or 12, but that just gives you the chance to add some more!!

This game version is best for preschoolers and kindergartener.  You can discuss the ideas and talk through this addition with younger children, but I would not expect them to understand it on their own.

Basic Subtraction

Just like with the addition, roll two dice.  Subtract the smaller number from the bigger number.  (Bonus here: practice bigger and smaller!)  Then find that number on the worksheet and glue on your cotton ball.

As an adult, it seems obvious that subtraction is the opposite of addition.  But the concept of ‘taking away’ can be harder to understand.  So be sure to give your child a chance to really work on this.

This game version is best for preschoolers and kindergarteners, with the focus really being on the kindergarten level.  Again, you can talk through these ideas with younger children.  It doesn’t hurt to expose them to new math concepts.

Santa math fun! Work on counting and number sense with your toddler and preschooler with this fun free printable! Easy math games and an easy Christmas art project, all in one! #learningactivity #christmascraft #christmasSTEM #santa #freeprintable #numbersense #counting #toddler #preschool

After The Games…

Once you are done and have filled in Santa’s beard you can hang up your lovely holiday picture!  As an added bonus the soft cotton balls add some sensory play to the project.

This is a fun STEAM project for the holidays!

Free Number Sense Santa Worksheet! Work on number sense, counting, and basic math with your toddler and preschool with this holiday STEM fun! #christmascraft #christmasSTEM #mathgames #freeprintable #learningactivity #santa #numbersense #mathgames

Santa Number Sense Printable

The Worksheet

Here is your Christmas Math Worksheet to print out at home!  Click below and you will have it.  You don’t even need to sign up for anything.

I do have a whole library of free printables though, including Lego coding games, number sense worksheets, and shape Play-Doh mats.  When you sign up below you will get the password for the library in your email.  You are also signing up to be on Team Cartwright’s mailing list.

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Free printable Christmas Counting Worksheet! Get this free printable to practice counting and number sense with your preschooler and toddler! #christmasactivity #christmascraft #christmasSTEM #learningactivity #numbersense #counting #toddler #preschool #kids

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