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9 Irrational Things That Drive Twin Moms Crazy

Irrational Ways To Drive Twin Moms Crazy

Being a twin mom is a double blessing. I mean, two babies at once. Wow!

And I totally understand that people find twins fascinating, especially identical twins. So I have gotten pretty used to getting a lot of attention when we are out. And I try my best to remain mindful. The attention comes from a place of genuine interest.

But having twins isn’t all double the fun, and there are some aspects of having twins that just tick twin moms off.

Things that, if I am being honest, don’t always make sense. But who says things have to make sense to be annoying?

Here are 9 irrational things that drive twin moms crazy.

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Irrational Reasons Things That Drive Twin Moms Crazy

If mom life doesn’t have you muttering Seriously? under your breath several times a day then, well, I suppose you have your life way more together than me. At least once a day I find myself wondering What in the world is going on here?

Being a mom means you deal with craziness. Twins means crazy times two.

Now, there are a lot of times that I can use my logical mind and understand why things are the way they are. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t annoying as all heck.

Let’s take a look at why twin moms get annoyed at twin life.

1. Twin Pregnancies Come with Double the Price Tag

The first time you open up atwin pregnancy bill and see you were charged double for an ultrasound can have you going WTF?

Yes, the technician has to look at and measure two babies. And yes, appointments can take longer.

But come one, it’s all one belly! Why am I being charged double?

And it just continues. Two charges for every pregnancy test, two charges for giving birth. (Last I checked they came out of one hole, not two.)

Again, I get it. Two humans were born. But really everyone was already gathered for one birth, what’s one more baby? Do we need to be charged so much?

This is usually just the first time of many when twin moms find out “two for the price of one” is a big lie.

2. Dealing With Insurance Can Be Twice as Frustrating

No one likes dealing with insurance, but twins give you an extra treat sometimes.

That whole two babies with one birthday? It can really throw insurance companies off, especially if you have twins of the same gender.

Look, I understand that the people I have to talk to on the phone usually have nothing to do with my claims being rejected as doubles. And I know computer systems just see two claims for one birthday.

But twins are not that uncommon. Get it together insurance companies.

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3. Being Asked ‘Are They Identical?’ A Lot

Ah, the question of whether or not twins are identical. My first instinct is Does it even matter?

But hey, I get the curiosity. Two people who look exactly the same? Fascinating. And my twins look a lot alike. (Enough that I wonder why people bother asking if they are identical.)

No, the annoyance comes when people ask if boy/girl twins are identical. Ummm, think it through. And no, don’t tell me that you ‘knew twins that were identical but one was a boy and one was a girl.’ You knew fraternal twins who looked a lot alike.

Of course, why would you learn all about how twins are conceived if you don’t have twins? So I logically think I shouldn’t blame people for asking questions.

I suppose the big annoyance is when people who don’t have twins try to teach those of us with twins about twins. Just assume that the mother of the twins knows more about her twins than you.

4. Getting Grilled on How To Get Pregnant with Twins

Ugh, I get asked this more than I would like. (Zero is the number of times I would liked to get asked this.)

The only way I know of to actively try to have twins is to use reproductive assistance. Even then there is no way to guarantee you’ll have twins, especially not identical twins. Scientists are learning more and more about why sometimes a single fertilized splits into two people, but there is no way to make sure that happens.

I am not a fertility expert. I wasn’t trying to have twins. So stop asking me all about my sex life.

5. Hearing Someone Ask My Twins ‘Which one are you?’

This one really sets my teeth on edge. Stop asking my kids ‘Which one are you?’ Which one are you to be asking?

Twins aren’t interchangeable objects. They are two unique people. I understand mixing them up. My twins do look a lot alike.

And I am thankful when people want to know my twins individually.

But can we find a better way to get this information? This question especially annoys me when it comes from people who know my twins. Learn who they are.

picture of toddler twins with text overlay 9 Irrational Things That Drive Twin Moms Crazy

6. Getting Asked, “How Do You Tell Them Apart?”

Um, they’re my kids so I pay attention to them, that’s how. How do you tell your kids apart? Just by their height?

Okay, sometimes this question can be helpful. For example, if you are just getting to know them or if you are going to be left alone with them. It’s good to know who is who.

But it usually feels like people are asking for some single clear demarcation between them. Like if one twin has a mole on their nose or is six inches taller or something.

The best way to tell twins apart is to get to know them, there isn’t always an easy way out of taking the time to get to know them here.

7. Having To Fill Out Paper Work For Each Twin

I know, I know. I just complained that my twins need to be treated as individuals. They should. But… maybe not when it comes to paper work.

I’m talking about things like filling out doctor’s forms for both and in case of emergency cards for both. The information is exactly the same! Just put them both on one card!

For some reason, it doesn’t bother me as much to fill out papers for my singleton separately. Maybe because he is a different age and has different needs at times.

But needing to fill out two forms with exactly the same information except for the name? It pushes my buttons.

Yeah, I’m not claiming this makes sense. But I know I’m not the only twin mom to get annoyed by this.

8. Being Asked ‘Does My Pregnancy Symptom Mean I’m Having Twins?’

I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.

Sure, twin pregnancies have differences from singleton pregnancies. You can start showing sooner and symptoms may be more intense. But not always.

You know how I found out I was having twins? They found two babies in the ultrasound.

You know the best way to find out you are having twins? Find two babies in your ultrasound.

Don’t ask me if you are having twins or not, I have no idea. Ask your doctor.

9. Being Asked ‘Which One is the Evil Twin?’

Or who is the smart one, or who is the shy one?

One twin isn’t funny and the other serious. One doesn’t have to be an introvert because the other is an extrovert. Twins don’t have to split up personality traits just because they shared a womb. They can both be both.

This one especially ticks me off because my twins are still toddlers. I don’t know who the ‘smart one’ is yet. They both like to put buckets on their heads and spin around. (They can both be quite clever too.)

I get it, it’s just a joke. But no, neither of my twins are evil. Although I may get that way if you keep implying one of my children is preternaturally bad.

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It’s All Worth It

Are there annoying things about having twins? Sure. There are annoying things about having kids. (Don’t come at me, I love my kids. That doesn’t mean I can’t get frustrated sometimes.)

But my double trouble pair are worth every irritation that comes my way. Like hearing them called double trouble. (Though that one isn’t always too far off 😉 )

I wouldn’t trade my twins for anything.

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