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Sensory Activities

Sensory Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

10 easy and fun sensory play idea for toddlers and preschoolers. Learn why sensory play matters and get the best sensory activities that your kids will love! #sensory #sensoryplay #sensoryactivity #preschool #toddler #learning #senses #games

Sensory activities are great for fun and learning.  You can easily customize them to your child’s interest.  And they are great for sibling playtime.

Here are some fun and easy sensory play activities to try with your kids!

Sensory Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Sensory play isn't just a trend. It has real benefits for kids. Here are 6 was sensory play builds brains. Plus learn easy activities you can do right now! #sensory #play #benefits #learning #activity #toddlers #preschoolers #kids

The Big Benefits of Sensory Play

I love knowing the why behind the what.  This is just that, why sensory activities are so important.  Learn what sensory play is and get easy and fun activities that require little to no prep

Simple Sound Science Activities for Kids! 4 easy ways to explore how sound waves work, all using items you have at home. #learning #activity #preschool #simple #sound #science #homeschool

Sound Science

How do we hear things?  Learn the science of sound waves and fun ways to share them with your kids!  Activities like making rice dance, making a super simple amplifier, and making an echo.  Listen for the fun!

5 Easy DIY musical instruments to make with your children. Kids love music, and learning music helps build STEM skills! Practice counting, learn rhythms, and recognize patterns with these easy to make instruments. This is perfect for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Toddler Activity | Preschool Activity | Music Activity for kids | Music and STEM craft #music #STEM #activity #preschool #toddler #baby #kidcraft #musiccraft #STEMactivity

Easy Homemade Musical Instruments

This combines art and sensory play.  You can make your own instruments with your kids!  In this post are 5 super easy instruments you can make with everyday household items.  Compare sounds, learn about loud and soft, and have fun with rhythm play!

5 Easy and Fun Human Body Experiments! Wow your kids with activities that challenge perception and muscle behavior. Safe, fun, and really cool. Plus get all the explanations as to what is happening! Five minute science. #science #stem #learning #activity #kids #preschool #body #tricks

Crazy Human Tricks to Fool Your Mind

Sensory play works more than just our 5 main senses.  It is also about body awareness in space.  These experiments confuse your brain and challenge your thinking.

Learn 5 fun ways to challenge how your child thinks of their body awareness and get the science behind it.  (These are great party tricks too!)

Slime Science: Understand the science behind slime. How does it work? Learn the simple explanation. Plus get the best homemade slime recipes! #slime #science #STEM #glitter #butter #magnetic #sensory #activity #homeschool

The Science of Slime and Easy Recipes To Try

Oh yes, slime.  I know some parents are not fans of this, but it is a wonderful sensory activity!  This post will tell you how slime comes together (polymers!) and has some really fun slime variations.

Toddler learning activity: Sensory bags! Make easy and fun monster sensory bags and help your toddler work on fine motor skills, counting, number sense, and creativity! Easy to make and easy to clean up. #learningactivity #sensoryactivity #sensorybag #finemotorskills #toddler #preschooler #countinggame #numbersense

Monster Sensory Bags

If making a mess isn’t your thing, try this fun learning game!  This is simple, customizable, and contains the mess.  Easy clean up for the win!

How To Make a Tasty Dino Dig for Sensory STEM Fun. Simple Archaeological dig for kids using food. Perfect science project for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids. #STEMactivity #kidcraft #scienceproject #toddlerlearning #preschoollearning #dinosauractivity #dinobirthday

Tasty Dino Dig

This one takes a little prep time, but it is worth it!  You can create a dinosaur archeological dig for your kids out of jello.  This is a tasty treat and would be perfect for and dinosaur birthday party.

Looking for a fun sensory STEM project to really wow your kids? Try elephant toothpaste. Easy, fun, and safe to play with. This sensory eruption will impress your children and grab their attention. Plus they will love digging their hands into the foam! STEM with kids | Preschool Learning Activity | Easy Science Projects #STEM #science #easy #safe #preschool #toddler #learningactivity #scienceproject

Elephant Toothpaste

This is a classic explosion perfect for kids to play with.  Create an exothermic reaction (this means it gets warm!) that results in a fun to play with foam.  Learn some chemistry and have sensory fun.

8 fun and easy STEM activities to do in the water! Sensory fun with no prep needed. Teach your kids about fun concepts like sound, waves, and why boats float! #sensory #activity #STEM #water #toddler #preschooler #kids #learning #science #easy

Swimming Science in the Pool or Tub

Did you know swimming or even bath time is a sensory experience?  It is!  Learn some fun ways to explain how fish swim, why boats float, and give a demonstration of waves.

Easy and clean sensory STEM activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Let your kids explore and learn, but don't make a big mess you just have to clean up. Here are learning activities that do just that. #learning #sensory #STEM #activities #toddler #preschool #clean #easy

Sensory STEM Activities

These sensory activities are a little more STEM-focused.  Learn how to make an oobleck, create fake snow bags, and make lava lamp calm down bottles.


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