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What To Do When Your Twin Babies Cry at the Same Time (And You’re All Alone)

What to do when you have twin babies crying.

Having twins does double the joy of having a baby.  You get twice the smiles, giggles, and hugs.  But when the tears start, well, you get double of that too.

At some point, most moms will be alone with their newborn twins.  When one baby starts crying it is easy to just scoop them up and soothe them.

But what about when you have two newborn babies crying?  It can be tough, and it can feel like you have twins crying all the time.  Here are 5 ways to soothe your twins when both babies are crying at the same time.

What to do when your twin babies cry and you are all alone. Here are 5 easy techniques to soothe both twins at the same time. You can do this, twin mama! #twins #cry #soothe #baby #newborn #babywise #hacks #tips


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What To Do When You Have Twin Babies Crying

The birth of our twins was so exciting for our little family. But I usually watch all three kids myself, and I knew I had to learn how to handle it. As such, I found some good ways to deal with my twins crying at the same time.

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Use Your Nursing Pillow

If you have a nursing pillow for your twins, (and I highly recommend you do!), it can be used for more than just nursing.  It can help you hold the babies and snuggle them both at the same time.

I loved this aspect of my nursing pillow.  It was hard for me to hold my two new babies as securely as I wanted when I was holding them at the same time.

The pillow let me sit down and make sure each girl was safe.  They were up against me, which gave them a sense of safety as well.  Plus it let me have my hands free to cuddle, stroke their hair, and just give them the reassurance that mommy was there with them.

(Learn which twin nursing pillow is best for you—> Twin Z vs My Brest Friend: Which Is Best For You?)

Introduce a Pacifier or Lovey

If you are comfortable with the idea of offering a pacifier or some form of lovey, it can be a great aid.  Pacifiers can help soothe by giving your babies something to suckle on.  Having something soft to hold and touch can be very comforting too.

The thing I like best about these items is that they can continue to provide comfort as your twins grow.  My girls know to go and find their items when they are upset.  It also helps when you have your twins crying at night.

This ability to find a way to calm themselves down is so helpful when you are the lone adult with multiple children, not to mention being able to self-soothe is a life skill.

(Read more about whether pacifiers are a good idea or not—> Will a Pacifier Ruin Your Baby?)

Utilize a Swing or Bouncer

Swings and bouncers are made to soothe a baby so you don’t have to be holding them all the time.  This makes them perfect for twins.  Each baby can be safe and secure while relaxing to the motion.

I personally preferred bouncers with my twins.  They are smaller, and when you have two of a bunch of stuff you want to save space any way you can.  They are also easy to move from room to room.

I also liked that I could bounce each girl at the pace she liked and needed.  It was much easier to customize the experience as compared to a bouncer.  The downside is that you need to be there doing the bouncing.

I found it worked best to have both bouncers in front of the couch while I bounced one with each foot.  I could talk to my twins and calm them at the same time this way.

Dare to Baby-wear

I admit, I never wore both my girls at the same time.  I’m personally not that into baby wearing, and my kids haven’t seemed to like it much either.

But that does not mean it doesn’t work really well for some people.  It is for sure worth trying out.  You get to hold both babies, but still be hands-free.  You can get a few things done and take care of your other children if you have them.

For this one I would try to get some advice from someone who has done it before, it looks like it might take some practice. (Check out this post for tips!)

Don’t Underestimate Your Voice

Talk to your babies.  Sing to them, read to them, narrate your day.  Whatever it is, just keep the words flowing.  Your babies want to hear your voice.

When they are just a few weeks old their eyesight still isn’t that great.  But they can hear you and they recognize their parent’s voice.  This is a good one when you are changing the diaper of one twin and the other starts freaking out.  Don’t worry if your singing voice isn’t the best, your babies will love it.

Hearing your voice reminds them that they are not alone, mommy is still nearby.  I think this is an easy thing to overlook.  You get busy and babies can’t really carry a conversation with you.  But it can be the simplest way to calm your fussy twins.

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These are just a few ways to soothe your crying twins.  It is hard when your baby is crying, and with twins, it can be even harder.  In my opinion, trying to soothe my crying twins was the hardest part of my first year with twins.

These methods really helped me out.  One last important thing to remember is that it is okay if your babies are crying.  There will be times when you have done everything you can for them and your babies will still cry.  This is normal.

You are not a bad mom if your twins are crying.  Say it with me now: “I am not a bad mom if my twins cry.” And it is okay to put them in a safe space while you give yourself a moment to take a few deep breaths.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help if you are feeling overwhelmed.  You are taking care of your twins by taking care of yourself. You can do this.



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How to handle twins crying at the same time. What do you do when you are alone with your baby twins and they both start crying? You're only one person! Here are 5 ways to handle this on your own. #twins #newborntwins #crying #soothing #alone #twinmom #colic #witchinghour

How to calm crying twins. Ways to soothe twin babies. 5 ways to settle twins.


It is hard when your baby is crying. It is harder when your twins are crying. And you are all alone. Here are 5 ways to calm your twin babies when they are freaking out and you are alone. Soothe Baby | newborn twins | twins | calming techniques #twins #newborn #baby #crying #calm

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Friday 18th of August 2017

Great tips! I don't have twins, but these are very valuable for those who do!!

Minakshi bajpai

Thursday 17th of August 2017

Superb post. You have suggested super 5 tips for crying ? twins. And these are perfect specially i love the pillow idea the most. Even I used pillow for holding my only son while he used to cry a lot. Very useful for post for twin mummy's.

Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms

Thursday 17th of August 2017

We have been trying to find a lovey for my daughter, but she hasn't bonded with one in particular!

Joslynn wassing

Thursday 17th of August 2017

Awesome tips! I definitely loved my baby swing with both my kiddos! Instantly put them to sleep or calmed them down! I give you props mama, one baby is hard enough! Two makes you super mom :)


Thursday 17th of August 2017

Hi from a fellow twin mama!

Some great tips here! My two still have their snuggles/lovelies at bedtime now and they are six. We couldnt have gotten through the first year without those, their baby swings and babywearing! They were my lifesavers!

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