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Bathing Twins: A How To Guide for New Twin Parents

Bathing Twins: How To Give Twins a Bath without Help

Twin parents and caregivers everywhere know that having twins, especially twin babies, is way more than just doing everything twice. Seemingly simple tasks can take very detailed planning and care to get done.

Little things, like giving your babies a bath, can feel very complicated when you have two babies that need your care at the same time. But there are some simple tips and suggestions that can help you out.

Here are big tips for bathing twins, even without help.

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Bathing Twins

Bath time can be so much fun with babies. You get to splash, play, and really bond with your baby. And they are just so sweet all wrapped up in tiny towels, fresh and clean! Having to handle two babies at a time can sap some of that joy, but there are ways to hold onto it.

This post isn’t about how to give a baby a bath in terms of water temperatures, which soap to use, etc. You can get that from any singleton baby book or any mom friend you might have. This is about how to keep two babies safe when at least one is in the bath. You somehow have to give two babies your full attention to keep them safe. And you can.

Let’s start with the basic tips.

Bathing Twins Quick Tips

I’m going to go into detail on these ideas further down. But let’s be real, parents are busy. So here is the bullet point version to give you a fast idea for ways to make bathing your twins easier.

  • Bath time doesn’t have to be part of a solid bedtime routine.
  • Bath time can be any time that works for your family.
  • Every bath doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Stick a pack and play in the hall.
  • Bathe newborns one at a time. Other twin hangs out in their crib.
  • Older babies can bathe at the same time, or one at a time.
  • Twin bath time can take place during an older toddler’s nap time.
  • Let your toddler ‘help’ with twin bath time.

Now let’s dive a bit deeper into all this to really learn the best ways to bathe your twins without help.

Bathing Twins Tips In Detail

Whatever age your twins are, there are a few tips that can help with bath time.

Bath Time Doesn’t Have To Be Part of Bedtime Routine

A lot of bedtime routines suggest adding bath time. That can be a great idea. Baths can help kids relax and get sleepy. Plus you have the bonus of your babies falling asleep nice and clean.

But bedtime can be busy. You have to feed your babies, get them changed, settle them into bed. Oh, and if you have other kids or are working outside the home all this needs to get done in a very short window of time.

Let me tell you a little secret: You do not have to have bathtime as a part of your bedtime routine. Nope, it isn’t required at all. You can have a very successful bedtime routine without adding a bath.

If you have to be on your own for bedtime with your twins for a few nights, feel free to skip the bath. It’s okay.

Bath Time Can Be Any Time

Not doing bath time at bedtime doesn’t mean I’m telling you to just let your baby be dirty. Not at all. It’s just that bath time can be any time.

This is especially true if you are home with your babies. But even if you aren’t you can still decide when works best for you and your family.

Are you up for the challenge of bathing twins in the morning? Do it then. Have time while your toddler is napping in the afternoon. Perfect! Heck, bath time can be the perfect remedy to the witching hour in the early evening hours.

You can decide when baths work for your twins. So make it happen when it works for you.

Bath Time Doesn’t Need To Be Perfect

Okay, I know bath time can be a great time to play and bond with your babies. Often babies love bath time. They get to splash and you get to sit and marvel over every inch of their cuteness. Plus we all know that sensory play is amazing for kids and bath time counts as sensory fun.

But not every bath has to be the best bath ever.

It is perfectly okay to just get your baby clean and move on with your day. Again, this is especially true if you are bathing your twins on your own. Save the fun, leisurely, playful baths for when you have time and help.

There are so many fun ways to bond with your babies, and you are not a bad parent if you don’t make the best baths ever. You are caring for your child and keeping them clean, and you are doing a great job.

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You Can Rearrange Things (Put a Pack and Play in the Hall)

A big part of bathing a child when you have more than one child, in general, is making sure the child not in the bath is safe. Don’t be afraid to grab your pack and play and set it up right outside the bathroom door.

I know, it feels strange having a pack and play in your hall, but a bonus of them is that you can pack them up and move them around. Set it up where you can see it, and you have a safe place for the non-bath child. You can see them, talk to them, and keep an eye on both kids.

How To Bathe Twins

Okay, we’ve been over the basic tips for bathing twins. (Though honestly, the above points apply to singletons as well.) Let’s get into some specific tips for bathing twins when you are all on your own.

Bathing Newborn Twins

Newborn twins need a lot of hands-on attention. So this is a time where you’re pretty much going to have to bathe them one at a time.

General bath rules apply here. Make sure you gather everything you need in arms reach. This includes, but is not limited to soap, lotion, towel, washcloth, clean diaper, wipes, cream, outfit/pajamas, etc. And it’s a good idea to gather all of the items times two.

The big question here is what do you do with the twin you aren’t actively bathing?

The safest place for your other twin to be is in their safe sleep space. This means they can be in their crib or pack and play, whichever you use for safe sleep.

Now, this is the safest place for your baby to be if you are hands-on with the other twin. It doesn’t mean this is where your baby is going to want to be. You can view this as a short independent playtime. Leave a mobile going (one that is safely secured and can’t be pulled down by baby), or some other safe item for your baby to play with.

Let’s be real, your babies might not be thrilled with this sort of arrangement. If the twin you are not bathing is awake and you feel confident you can keep an eye on them, you could have them in a bouncer or swing in the same room you are doing the baths in. Make sure they are strapped safely into place and that you can indeed see them the whole time.

I also recommend having a plan for where to put the twin you are bathing if you need to get to the other twin quickly. This could mean being ready with a towel to pick up the bathing twin and move, or an additional safe baby seat so you can rapidly handle any situation.

Text: How To Do Twin Baths Safely even if you are Without Help (these are must-read tips) Picture: twins in a bathtub

Bathing Baby Twins

Once your twins can control their heads and sit up on their own a bit, you have more options with bathing.

Bathe Separately

You can still bathe your twins separately like when they were newborns. The good thing about older babies is that they can be in an independent playtime of sorts and really enjoy it. They can play a bit and handle the time on their own.

This makes bathing way easier.

Bathe one twin while the other is playing, then switch. If your twins aren’t on the same nap schedule, you can also bathe one while the other is asleep.

Now, babies can spend a little bit of time in a safe space (like the crib) hanging out while you take care of their twin. That doesn’t always mean that they will want to. This can be another great time to pull out the pack and play. Put it outside the bathroom door and keep that door open so you can see and interact (at least verbally) with both twins at the same time.

Bathe Together

Older babies can be bathed together. You can accomplish this is a couple of ways.

If your twins aren’t sitting up super well yet, you can get two bath chairs that sit right in the tub. You strap your baby in and they are secure. Just take them out one at a time for actual washing, then let them play safely in the chair after.

You can also use the laundry basket hack. Place a laundry basket in the tub and have your twins sit in that while they bathe. This is best if you have pretty consistent sitters, but the basket prevents them from falling backward into the tub. Bonus, the basket can also help keep toys close to your twins.

The big pro of bathing your twins at the same time is that you can have them both supervised and clean at the same time. It can be a lot of fun and just adorable too.

The cons are, well, you have two babies in a bath at the same time. That means you need a clear exit strategy should you need to stop the bath quickly. For me, this meant having towels laid out on the floor so I could at least get both babies out of the water fast.

Some twins might not like bathing with their siblings. And some parents do not feel confident with this option. That is okay. The best way to bathe your twins is the safest way you feel comfortable. Don’t feel safe with two babies in the tub? Don’t do it.

Bathing Toddler Twins

The options for bathing toddler twins are the same as bathing older babies, either bathe them at the same time or separately.

One at a time works really well at this age as independent playtime is great for toddlers, so you can work on that at the same time as bath time. One at a time also lets you squeeze in some one-on-one time, which can be hard to get with twins.

Together is also super fun too, because your twins can play together in the bath. The other safety rules apply. Make sure you have everything you need before the bath starts, be ready with your exit strategy.

I also liked to keep a couple of non-bath toys in the bathroom with me during double baths. Inevitably one twin was ready to get out before her sister, so that twin could play with the toys out of the bath and still be safely supervised with us.

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Bathing Twins with a Toddler

Time for the next-level challenge. What if you have twins and a toddler? How do you possibly bathe your twins AND take care of a toddler at the same time?

A lot of the same strategies we discussed above work. What works best will depend on the age of your toddler and just what works best for your family.

Utilize Toddler Nap Time/Independent Play Time

My goal was to have my kids all nap at the same time. (It is possible, learn how to make it happen here: How To Get Twins on a Schedule.) But there were times when my toddler napped at a different time than my twins.

Jump on that time. If your toddler is napping you can worry about just bathing your twins.

Another great time is during your toddler’s independent playtime. If the toddler is safely in independent play, you are able to focus on bathing your twins.

Both of these times work because your toddler is in a safe place and able to be out of sight for a short time. (Or under the watch of your baby monitor.) For both of these though, make sure you have a quick exit plan in place. That means you know what you will do if you need to run to your toddler quickly.

Utilize a Pack and Play

If you have a younger toddler who still needs a lot of supervision, you can utilize that pack and play again. Set it up right outside the bathroom so your toddler can play and you can see all the kids.

This is a great solution if your toddler doesn’t like to be away from you too. They can see you, you can see all the kids, and everyone can be safe.

Let the Toddler Help

Okay, I know toddlers aren’t actually as helpful as they like to be. But go ahead and let your toddler ‘help’ at bathtime.

This can look a couple of ways. If your toddler likes helping with the twins, they can splash and play a bit with the babies. Letting your toddler help can really build sibling bonding and potentially limit jealousy.

If your toddler isn’t super into helping with the babies, give them a spray bottle of water and a cloth and let them ‘clean.’ Is your bathroom really going to get clean this way? No. But it will give your toddler something fun to do and a chance to feel important. All while being safe with you.

(Grab more tips on fitting in one on one time with your toddler too: How To Bond with Older Siblings of Twins

Bathing Twins Alone Is Possible

This post has a lot of ideas and suggestions. Do you know what the best way to bathe your twins is? The way that works for you and your family. Safety comes first, but everything after that is just preference.

The most important thing is to know you can do this. Twin parents are stronger than they know and capable of more than they ever thought. While bathing your twins might feel like a struggle now, it will get easier.

You can do this.


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