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Printable Science Valentine Cards For Kids

Printable Science Valentine Cards For Kids

No shocker here, but I am a bit of a science nerd. I love all things STEM, including the jokes. Yes, the geekier or sillier the pun, the better. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to capitalize on that.

Sadly I had a hard time finding the sort of Valentine that I was looking for to share with my kids in stores. So instead I made my own. And you can get them too. (Scroll down to grab these!)

text: Science valentines printables for kids picture: the 8 valentines to print

Printable Science Valentines for Kids

Science jokes can sound nerdy or hard to understand, but these are meant for preschoolers. Which means the jokes are accessible and cheesy. But I ran them by my kids and they all got laughs.

You can get them too. Even better, these Valentines are full of amazing learning for your kids. Here are what your children will be doing while they use these Valentines.

Coloring Skills

After you print these out, your child can color them for their friends and family! My kids love making pictures for people, so these are an easy way for pre-writers to make something fun for their Valentines.

Coloring is a great way to practice fine motor skills. While it is important to give children time to color freely, it’s also good for kids to practice coloring inside the lines too. (You can learn how important coloring is here: Why Kids Need To Color.)

Coloring is also the perfect time to be reviewing colors in general. Just naming the colors as you go is great!

Be sure you try all the fun Valentine’s Day Activities!

fun and easy Valentine science must do activities for kids

Practice Scissor Skills

Have your child cut these out themselves to practice scissor skills!

Scissor skills are important for so many reasons. They boost brain development, fine motor skills, and writing skills. Getting the chance to cut out these bookmarks is an easy way to slip in a little extra practice.

(Learn how important cutting skills are and get free printables to practice here: Cutting Activities for Kids.)

Name Writing Practice

One thing I have learned about handing out Valentines in preschool is that it is way easier if you just fill in the from part. Yes, it is nice to personalize each one. But not every child can write the names of all their classmates. (And it makes the passing out process much more intense.)

But writing your name is an important skill and one of the best ways to get kids excited about writing. Your child can fill in their name on each Valentine!

This is good letter practice, fine motor skill work, and early reading practice.

Extra Valentine Fun

I think it is perfectly fine to use these Valentines as is. They make perfect bookmarks. They are super cute. And they are recyclable, which is nice. (I can’t be the only mom who doesn’t want to keep every Valentine their child gets.)

But it is fun to add a little treat to enjoy. I do think candy is always a good choice. Well, according to kids it is a good choice. And I have no issues with the candy, theoretically. Little lollipops or a Hershey kiss are nice.

Except for the fact we still have Halloween candy floating around. And Christmas candy. And possibly still candy from last Valentine’s Day.

So while I have no problem with handing out candy with your Valentines, I am going to focus on some non-candy ideas.

Non-Candy Valentine Ideas

Here are some fun and easy options to consider:

  • Stickers
  • Glow Sticks
  • Stamps
  • Pencils
  • Erasers
  • Silly Straws
  • Mini Play Dohs
  • Whistles
  • Cookie Cutters
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Small Boxes of Crayons
  • Balloons
  • Tiny Toys

There are a lot of places to get this sort of fun little trinket for kids. Check your local dollar stores. The Target dollar spot can be a jackpot for fun items to attach to your Valentines. Check out Party City for a lot of fun little items or try Walmart.

Get These Valentines!

You can purchase these Valentine’s here: Science Valentines for Kids! All 8 cards for just $2! These are a digital download that will be sent to your email after purchase. Print out as many copies as you need for your kids.

Text: Science Valentines for Kids printable valentine bookmarks.
Picture: The 8 valentines

Don’t forget to try these Valentine activities!

text: how to make Valentine Thaumatoropes holiday STEM for kids. Top picture: Supplies for thaumatropes. Bottom picture: Two pieces of thaumatrope, skewer, and glue stick
fizzy hearts science experiment with pictures of the red, blue, and purple hearts in prep and fizzing
how to make an easy working heart model
Printable Science Valentine Cards with picture of printables

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