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Valentine’s Day Free Printable Learning Activities

Valentine’s Day Free Printable Learning Activities

Looking for some fun and easy ways to add a little learning to your Valentine’s Day fun? Free activities that you don’t have to gather a ton of supplies for? These are what you need.

I have put together 5 fun and easy free printable learning activities you can do with your child today. They work things like number sense, fine motor skills, color recognition, counting, observation skills, and more!

You will find something fun for your kids in this collection. I’ve also added in exactly what learning your child will be getting through these activities. You can feel good by sharing these with your family.

Let’s do it!

Valentine's Day Learning Activities Free Printables for Kids with pictures of the free printable activities

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Learning Activities

There are so many fun activities you can do to tie into Valentine’s Day. But as much as I love doing hands-on activities with my children, I like being able to hand them a printable activity to do too.

These activities are fun and easy, and they are all full of learning. Oh, and they are free to print at home. Yay!

Valentine Counting Heart Dots

Practice counting with these cute counting hearts! Each heart has dots on it. Your child’s challenge is to count all the dots!

These hearts are perfect for do-a-dot fine motor skills. Give your child a cotton swab with some paint and they can fill in the circles on the hearts. Count as you go!

Preschoolers can practice writing their numbers as they count. Count the dots as you color them in, then write that number inside the heart!

Valentine's Day Counting Dots free printable

Free Printable Valentine Counting

What Your Kids Are Learning:

This activity works number sense. It allows children to see the value of numbers. Bigger numbers have more dots. This shows the relative values of the individual numbers.

Dotting in the circles works fine motor skills. Your child can build their hand eye coordination that will lead to future writing skills.

Counting along with your child will boost math and number recognition too.

You can learn more about why number sense is so important here: Why Number Sense Matters and get more fun activities here: Number Sense Activities for Kids

Valentine’s Day Color By Number

Color by number is a classic activity, and it’s fun!

This is a great activity to give your child for quiet time or if you are busy with the million other things you need to get done. Your kids can color the picture by following the number guide provided,.

Younger children who can’t yet read or recognize their numbers can color these too! The coloring guide is just a suggestion, and it is important to encourage free creativity.

Valentine's Day Color by Number with picture of free printable

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Color by Number

What Your Kids Are Learning

Color by number works a lot of skills. Number recognition is a big one as your child has to find all the numbers.

Color recognition also plays a big part in this activity. Early readers can practice reading the words. Younger children will still be gaining some learning from seeing the color words written out. Exposure to words helps when it is time for them to learn to read.

Following directions is another big skill that comes into play with this game. Yes, it is important for children to be able to color freely. They should be able to use whatever colors they want and ignore any lines. But it is also important to understand the task given and follow those instructions.

Fine motor skills are also in use as your child colors.

Learn more about the importance of coloring for kids: Why Kids Need To Color

Valentine Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? It’s so much fun to hunt down the items on the list. And of course, these items are Valentine themed. Print out the list and see what you can find!

You can look around your house for these items or take a walk and see what you can find. This is a great one for the classroom too!

Work as a team, or print one out for each child and see who finds the most items.

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt with free printable image

Valentine’s Day Free Printable Scavenger Hunt

What Your Kids Are Learning

This activity seems like just a fun game, but it does encourage learning!

Seeking out the items on the list helps to boost observation skills. Kids need to pay attention to their environment and look around carefully.

This sort of game helps develop language skills too. We can’t help but discuss the objects we find, and kids get a chance to practice their descriptive vocabulary.

Finally, your children will work on creative problem solving. There are more than one answer to some of these items. What do they find that is red? Can they think of something to seek out, for example? What might have lace on it? They get the chance to think critically about what they are looking for.

Problem-solving is the basis for the scientific method. Learn all the life lessons your child learns from that here: Why Every Child Needs the Scientific Method

Valentine’s Day Activity Placemat

This activity placemat is just what you need if you need an independent activity for your kids. It is a great morning activity for when they first wake up for breakfast. Or save it for before dinner so you can get everything done in peace.

This mat has tic tac toe games, a secret message to decode, coloring, color by number, and a maze. So many fun things to do!

Valentine's Day Activity Mat free printable

Free Printable Valentine’s Activity Mat

What Your Kids Are Learning

There are several learning opportunities in this activity.

Color by number works number sense. The secret message is math practice. The maze works problem solving and fine motor skills. Coloring works fine motor skills and color recognition. Tic tac toe helps kids practice taking turns and practice writing skills.

Valentine Heart Number Matching

Matching games are one of my favorite ways to boost number sense. You can print out these hearts, cut them apart, and get to playing!

Play this as a game with your child, taking turns looking for patches. Or you can let your child play with it independently and find the matches on their own!

Valentine's Day Number Matching Game

Free Printable Valentine Number Matching Game

What Your Children Are Learning

The learning here is number sense. Your child needs to recognize the values of the numbers they are seeing. This is harder than just counting 1-9, but it is an important part of math.

Counting skills are in play as your child counts up the hearts for matching. And seeing numbers displayed as groups of objects will helps with subitizing skills. (That’s the ability to know how many objects are in a group without directly counting them.)

Free Printable Valentine's Day Learning Activities perfect for preschool

Valentine’s Day Free Printable Learning Activities

There are so many fun learning activities to do this Valentine’s Day. I hope these free printable activities are fun for your children. You can also check out all the STEM and sensory activities that your kids will love too!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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