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Self Care for Twin Moms: Take Care of Yourself AND Your Twins

Tips to fit in self care for twin moms.

A part of being a healthy mom is taking care of ourselves. We all know this. Take some time, rest, recharge, and get back to yourself.

Any other twin moms laugh when they read that? When in the world are we supposed to get me time with two babies or toddlers running around? Having twins doesn’t exactly lend itself to free time.

But it is true that moms need to take care of themselves. We twin moms are masters at multi-tasking, so why not find a way to keep everything going at home with our family and try to have recharge our spirits too?

Now these self-care techniques are not traditional me-time methods. This isn’t about getting a message or spending a lot of time on your own. Those things are important, but sometimes we need to be a bit more practical than that.

Life doesn’t stop, so here are ways to take care of yourself, but you won’t be letting your to-do list build up at the same time. Take care of your family AND yourself with these self-care for twin mom options.

Mom with twin toddlers

Self Care for Twin Moms

Twin moms need to take care of themselves just as much as any other mom does. But the truth is finding that time for self care when you have twins is hard. These are self care options you can do while still being on mom duty.

Get Rid of One Kid

One thing I have noticed since having three kids is that if one isn’t around, life feels so much easier. It doesn’t matter which child is out and about, the other two just get along better. (And I know other moms who will agree with me!)

So get rid of one twin. Not forever, just for a little bit. Take turns with your partner taking one twin out. Have a grandparent take one baby for a few hours. Whatever you have to do to be down a baby for just a little bit.

This works on a couple of levels. One it is much easier to get a babysitter for one child as opposed to twins. And it’s much easier to trust someone to handle one baby instead of two at the same time. Other people might be intimidated by the idea of watching your twins, but one at a time can be more manageable.

Two, this method of care gives you one on one time with your twins. The twin mom guilt is real, and being able to just focus on one child at a time recharges me. It makes me feel like I am being a good mom and really reaching the heart of my children.

So yes, this isn’t alone time, but getting this special time heals a mom’s heart. That’s self-care.

Talk to Another Twin Mom

I hate to blame parenting stresses on twins, but, well, sometimes it’s twins. The only other people who really get what it’s like to have twins are other twin moms. Find a twin mom friend and talk to her.

Yes, the conversation can be disjointed. Sometimes it’s just a series of texts. But knowing someone else out there gets what you are going through can keep you going longer.

A twin mom friend will understand why you have to say no to some outings (not safe for two toddlers!) or why your house is a mess. They use words like singleton and understand that BOGO sales are a way of life. They get you.

Nothing recharges the soul like a friend who sees you and what you are dealing with.

Dress Your Twins the Same, Clean Yourself Up, and Enjoy the Attention

As soon as you are pregnant with twins you get extra attention. Start taking those newborn twins and you will get even more. (Especially in those first few weeks. Newborn twins? Crowd favorites.)

Sometimes all the attention is a real pain in the butt. Other times though, it can be a nice boost.

So if you are having a hard time try dressing your twins in their adorable outfits, preferably matching or heavily coordinating. Get yourself as cleaned up as you can. (Just taking 5 minutes to brush your hair and put on little makeup is self-care!) Then head out.

Go to Target and walk around, or go to the grocery store. Anywhere you know you will get attention.

Then revel in it. Smile and let people tell you how adorable your twins are. Let them tell you how great you look and feel free to pretend like you have this mothering thing down perfectly. (It isn’t a lie, I bet you’re doing better than you know.)

Enjoy the celebrity of being a twin mom for a bit. You deserve it.

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Just Be a Mom For The Day

Self care means you find a way to do something just for you. But we can’t just turn off being a parent. Instead, turn off everything else. Take away the pressures and the mental load and focus on what really matters, your kids.

Take a day where you just focus on being a mom. Play with your kids, let them eat the fun food, and forget the rest. This is the time to nap when your twins nap (see, total self-care right there). This is the time to snuggle and watch movies with them.

Being a mom means we have to discipline and make sure our kids eat right and learn and grow. So taking the day off to just have fun with your kids puts that mental load to the side for the day, letting you relax.

Try a Park Workout

Exercising is a great form of self-care. You get to take care of your physical body and it is good for you mentally.

Of course, it can be tough to find time to work out when you have twins around getting into everything. So take your twins to a park and play.

You can run and play tag to get some cardio. Or climb and do the monkey bars for upper body strength. Push your twins on the swings.

The goal is to just get moving. This will release endorphins and help with overall health. But more than that, it is good for your soul to just play. Your kids will be happy and so will you.

Do a Kid’s Activity You Like With Your Twins

Do you know what one of my favorite parts of parenting is? Introducing my kids to things I loved when I was their age. It’s fun and I feel like I am really sharing myself with my twins.

You don’t need to do anything huge, keep it simple. Read the childhood classics you loved as a kid. (Or find new ones! They make so many fun books for kids that adults enjoy too. You can even find Star Wars Golden Books.)

So what was your favorite movie to watch as a kid? Favorite game to play? Did you just like to color? You pick the activity and do it with your kids. You’ll all have fun and you will feel better remembering the you from way before you had kids.

How To Manage Self-Care as a Twin Mom with picture of mom and newborn twins

Twin Mom Self Care Matters

It is easy to get lost in motherhood, and twins make it that much easier to be overwhelmed. Take the time to find ways to recharge, even if that means you do it with your kids.

Twin moms are masters at making things work, and you will too.

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