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Thanksgiving Free Printables: Learning Activities for Preschool and Toddlers

Thanksgiving free printable activities for toddlers and preschool.

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. It’s a busy time of year with a lot going on for moms, but I love that it makes me want to sit down and really bond with my kids.

Of course, as much as I love to bond with my kids, I don’t always have the time to come up with a big grand project. Plus I’m usually doing my best to keep the house clean for the big Thanksgiving day.

So I put together a couple of simple activities that do not make a mess and are easy to do. They are fun to do with your child, but you can step away to get everything done on your to-do list too.

Here are 3 fun and free Thanksgiving printables perfect for toddlers and preschool.

free printable thanksgiving learning activities

Thanksgiving Printables

These printables are fun and easy, which is the best way for printable activities to be. This is especially true around Thanksgiving when moms can get quite busy.

You can print these out and your kids can enjoy. They would be perfect for holiday parties or even just to keep little ones entertained before Thanksgiving dinner.

turkey color by number free printable

Turkey Color By Number

I love color by number. It works number recognition and number sense. Your child gets to practice their colors. And it can be a helpful exercise in following directions. (Note: It is totally okay if your child doesn’t follow the suggested color scheme though. Free creativity is a good thing!)

My oldest is in first grade, so I have him read the color words in order to complete the activity. And sometimes yes, I have him do it ‘proper way’ where he has to color the numbers with the assigned color. The goal of this is following directions along with reading and number sense. (Other times he gets to do what he pleases with it.)

My twins are still in PreK, so I go through the colors with them. We look at each number at the bottom of the page, find that color, and color that number and word. This way they can look at the numbers and see what color is on top of them without having to read the word.

This way they are practicing their number sense and color matching. They have the chance to see the words written out, but they do not have to read them on their own. (And same with them, sometimes they get to color however they want.)

Turkey Matching

turkey number matching game free printable

Matching games can be so much fun. This is a bit of a DIY one, but it is easier because the pictures are ready for you to print.

To use this printable, cut the turkeys out as they are individual pieces. You can play with the game just like this if you’d like. I like to glue the cards to construction paper to make them sturdier and to add a pop of color. (Or you can print the turkeys on cardstock.)

Flip all the turkeys over so the blank side is up. Have your children take turns flipping over two turkeys at a time. If they are a match, you get to keep the match! The person with the most pairs at the end wins.

This is a fun game for parents to play with their children, but don’t be afraid to just hand it over to your kids. My girls have come up with all sorts of fun games with these cards, making turkey families and lining up the numbers in order. Plenty of learning is going on even if they aren’t playing the game the ‘right way.’

These cards can be helpful with older children too. You can have them group odds and evens. Or use them for simple math problems. They create a great visual for story problems too.

Get More Fun Holiday Activities Your Kids Will Love!

11 Must Do Thanksgiving STEM and Learning Activities for Kids with picture of handmade turkeys
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thanksgiving seek and find free printable

Thanksgiving Seek and Find

Seek and finds are a great way to boost observation skills. This fun worksheet has a collection of Thanksgiving-themed pictures on it. Your child can color the page and count up how many of each picture there are!

This is a fun activity to encourage independent play, as your child can color and count the items on their own. It’s also a fun way to boost vocabulary if you want to go through it with your child. You can talk about the pictures and words that we use around Thanksgiving. This can also be a great time to discuss your family traditions.

A seek and find like this works counting skills and observation skills. Plus it’s fun to just color it!

Get The Free Printables!

You can get all three of these printables by clicking here: Printable Thanksgiving Activities. You will need to enter the coupon code FREEBIE to get these for free.

free printable thanksgiving activities

Thanksgiving Fun

These three activities were big hits with my kids. They loved doing them and I had fun as well. Which one are you going to try first?

free printable thanksgiving activities

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